Tutorial: How to Private Message other Forum Users

Discussion in 'Knowledge base' started by The Cazador, Nov 6, 2016.

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  1. The Cazador

    The Cazador

    Forum Dweller Beta Tester
    Jul 13, 2016
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    A few people have mentioned their lack of understanding of the private messaging system here on the forum.
    If you're one of those people, hopefully my guide helps you out.

    Beginning a Conversation
    Hover over Inbox on the top right user pane of the forum and click on Start a New Conversation

    On the forum, Private Messages are called Conversations.

    Composing a Message
    Next write your message and add a subject line, then add your participant's usernames (the people you are messaging). It's good practice to write your messages first, then add usernames at the very last step to ensue you don't accidentally send the message prematurely.

    Up to 6 participants (including yourself) can be included in a conversation. When entering a username, a pop-down box will display matching results so it may not be necessary to type out someone's full username.​


    At the bottom of the message box you will find options that allow other participants to invite other users into the conversation providing you haven't reached the maximum of 6 already. You can also disable the intended participants from replying to the message at all.​

    Managing Conversations
    Hover over the right user pane at the top of the forum again, and click Show All...


    From here you can select a conversation and access a drop down menu allowing you to mark it as read or unread, star or unstar it and even leave it entirely.


    And that's all there is to it really.
    If you ever receive particularly nasty PMs, you can still use the Report feature the same way you can with regular forum posts. ​
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