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Discussion in 'Announcements & Information' started by corporal asshole, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. corporal asshole

    corporal asshole Retired Developer

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Hi guys.

    I'm opening the server for an undefined amount of time as discussed in the previous patch notes. This is mainly for testing and integrating some features (without a 24 hour time limit) so we don't rush things.

    Known issues that we might need your help with:
    • Crashing — If you experience a crash, submit the bug report window. It'll help us greatly. If you crash and a bug reporter doesn't appear, this means that Fallout NV has crashed. Let us know via a bug report to what you were doing (with log files).

    • Desync — We're still investigating a desync issue with clients. This means eventually you might not be able to interact with the chat and your location data doesn't send. Please report these, and let us know what you did. We're doing our best to investigate it, but we really need community help on this.

    • Gameplay Issues — Sometimes some NPCs still exists (in a weird ghost way). Interacting will make them float through the floor. Some NPCs don't respond to players either, these are known bugs that were trying to fix.
    If you get stuck, using /goodsprings will teleport you to the default spawn. This command is temporary and we're probably going to remove this soon for a better system (to prevent abuse).

    We've also reintroduced NPCs that trade with the player. These NPCs are still active and should work as they would in singleplayer.

    Have fun and don't get too frustrated if things crash or the server dies whilst the dev team is sleep. Tweet me at @x86nop if things go sour and I'll crawl out of bed.

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