Important Saturday Beta: Extra Details (February Edition)

Discussion in 'Announcements & Information' started by corporal asshole, Feb 18, 2017.

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  1. corporal asshole

    corporal asshole Retired Developer

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Server Location
    There will be one server for today's test based in Europe. This server will be the free roam gamemode, and faction data will carry in game. We're rolling features out throughout the test, so at the start base capture and faction starting kits wont be enabled. Same goes for inventory saving. At some point early into the test when we're comfortable with opening new features for testing, we will roll out these features for testing.

    You will most likely crash at some point!

    What we're doing is very experimental, and we do these tests to improve development alongside having in-game shenanigans. If you crash, please open a bug-report.

    Your feedback is appreciated all the way through the test. If you have a suggestion, please post in the suggestions forum. If you find a bug, submit a bug report.


    We've changed the server for this test (from the one in November). This should hopefully help with long-distance connections.

    Australian player's will probably experience heavy latency that we haven't fully investigated. If you experience problems, let us know what happens in terms of stability via a bug report. We want to know how to make the experience better.

    American player's should experience roughly 50 - 100ms. From our private testing, this should be playable. If you experience latency issues, make a bug report to help us diagnose better solutions.

    Addendum to Faction Bases
    We have moved Caesar's Legion's base to Cottonwood Cove. This is a technical decision as currently the logic states at The Fort have caused issues with players not being able to exit the zone.

    Any faction leaders who haven't come forward with their initial base, please message Jak or Gil before (or early) into the test. Once we roll out capturing, we will not interfere with base ownership.

    Tenndex has offered to help moderate within this test. If you have any in-game problems, doing /gms will pull up a list of moderators online you can whisper (/w) to. Me and Gil will be active mostly throughout the test, although we may be working on features in the background.

    For clarification:
    • Green usernames - Gamemasters
    • Red usernames - Developers (also as a GM)
    • Grey white - Players
    • Anything else - Faction member
    Gamemasters cannot modify the state of bases or factions in-game. If you have a problem about faction bases, message Jak or Gil either in-game or on the forums.

    Config Files
    Please check client.cfg in your Fallout: New Vegas folder for optimisation tweaks and user interface changes.

    There are a few tweaks in there that may help with startup crashes. Lowering the WebKit.SampleScale (default: 2) to 1 can help, and changing WebKit.UpdateRate to a lower frame rate will also improve FPS.

    Game.MultithreadedLogging (default: 1) is an experimental logging system. We used it in the November test, but if NV:MP feels sluggish or your computer can't handle multi-threading well, set this to zero.

    Developer.StartupDelay (default: 12) will change how long NV:MP will wait for the process to start up before attempting to load. Crashes that happen after or in the loading sequence may improve if you set this to a higher amount of seconds.

    Recommended Environment

    • Make sure you use either fullscreen resolution closest to your native desktop, or windowed mode. Having an unsupported resolution will throw a DirectX error at startup about texture initialisation failure (resolution can be changed by launching New Vegas via Steam and editing the settings on the launcher screen).
    • At least 1/2mpbs download for connectivity. NV:MP can consume up to 900KB/min (15KB/s) (will decrease in upcoming patches).
    • NV:MP utilises multi-threading. For the best experience, we recommend a quad-core processor or higher.
    Test Abstract & Recording Footage
    NV:MP isn't finished, your client will most likely crash and the server will probably be restarted with new updates without warning.

    We've done our best to support most capture software, but software like Fraps will sometimes break the in-game chat from being drawn. We recommend shadowplay, and OBS. For best compatibility, running the game in windowed mode will help. Oh yeah, you have permission to record NV:MP footage for YouTube, Twitch, etc.

    Q: I'm not loading in!
    Your server save is probably bugged (you may of disconnected in a load screen). Do /gms and use /w on a GM to be teleported. If no GM is online, you can make a character request to be location reset. All active GMs will receive a notification about your request.

    Q: I'm stuck in [a hill / X ]!
    Do /gms to pull up a list of online gamemasters, and ask for a teleport. If no GMs are currently online or you don't want to wait for a response, you can suicide by using /kill (or /die).

    Q: I crash on join!
    Please read the requirements carefully. If you think you satisfy all of them, make a bug report with your log files.

    Known Bugs
    These are bugs or issues we already know about, there's no need to report them.
    • Client will fail to create a chat texture on unsupported resolutions. (see recommended environment).
    • Inventory does not save (feature expected to roll out half way into the test).
    • NPCs net-sync is not enabled (we have disabled most NPCs, but we've whitelisted common wasteland creatures and Cheyenne in Goodsprings saloon)
    • Double reloading in some cases (still working on this, sorry!)
    • Sometimes equipping an item may not be acknowledged by the server (re-equipping will fix it)
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  2. corporal asshole

    corporal asshole Retired Developer

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    The current active test has been extended by an extra five hours. The test will end at 8PM GMT.
    Thank you to the people who helped test throughout today. I know its been stressful with the servers dipping up and down, and with character inventory losses.
    Please keep forwarding us bug reports and if you have any feedback, open a thread in the suggestions board.

    NV:MP Team
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