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Discussion in 'Factions & Alliances' started by Mistor Love, Jul 27, 2018.

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  1. Mistor Love

    Mistor Love Well-Known User

    Jun 22, 2018
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    The Red Talons. A unknown anonymous group that are only seen before it is too late. at least you have heard. All these story's of this independent group of the original talon company from the Mojave wasteland. This group is seen helping out new players and "Clearing up" for overs.

    You walk past a mail box, and you hear a trigger go off, before you prepare for the worst. confetti comes out of this mail box. and you, like any normal person would after this event open the letter box. there is a warn envelope of a sort. you take a look..


    The ink still being wet; you look around in unease thinking to yourself. that someone has recently been here. in the corner is a stamp. along with a reg logo, with resembles an eagle. letters in the middle read in bold "To whom that may concern" again, you find it chilling that it is still wet. or maybe its because of the letter box, but who knows. next thing that comes to your mind is to flip over the envelope, what do you see?


    A Wax sealed letter huh? Fancy, you think to yourself. However something catches your eye. "Talon Company" is right about the wax seal. it is at this point you know. it is fate to open this letter. you tear open this letter with excitement and it reads..


    Will you follow the call of the red talons? will you ignore it? your next choice is now.
    Do you wish to join Talon Company? Send in an application on the group page and join our discord! we do live interviews. once completed we decide if you are suited for the role of a Talon merc!

    Red Talons Group
    Red Talons Discord
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