Launcher Update: 1.1.9 & Test Suggestions

Discussion in 'Announcements & Information' started by corporal asshole, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. corporal asshole

    corporal asshole Retired Developer

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    There is a new update for the NV:MP launcher available to current player testers. This is critical update.
    • Server list will now ping each server frequently.
    • Fixed issue with client invalidating session token if the character had a floating point value of in-game health.
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 C++ Redistributable will now automatically install if the launcher hasn't previously made attempts. This can be overridden by clicking repair.
    • Better internal error handling.
    Patch 1.1.91 will be released soon after which will fix issues regarding Steam not being launched, change logs for that will be posted via another thread.

    In-game binaries have been updated to 2.9.0 with this launcher update. Change logs for this version will be posted in a weekly update thread.


    Side-note: We're preparing a PVP test (very) soon, if you have any crazy ideas of weapons/situations for us to test in, create a thread in general discussion with your ideas! Only rule is no fist-fighting, we've had enough of brawling on internal tests. Use FNVEdit to find armour and weapons, and make sure you post their form IDs or names. It'll help us script them in.

    We haven't fully investigated projectiles, so the Fat Man is most likely not to be something we'd like to give everyone. One step at a time.

    We'll post an announcement with dates/information at least 5 days before the official date. After the test, character data will be wiped.
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