I'll Heckin miss this place bois

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Barnabas O'Flaherty, Jan 22, 2019.

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  1. Barnabas O'Flaherty

    Barnabas O'Flaherty New User

    Apr 10, 2018
    Bloomin Ireland
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    As the title says, I'll heckin miss this place.
    I had quite the run since I originally joined "Jul 27, 2017" according to my original account.
    This Mod is why I met almost all the people I call friends today, even if most of said people were only even met because I joined a Fallout 76 faction because of my fond memories from my days in the Brotherhood of Steel under Raynor. The missions, the community, it was great.
    I quite regret my decision to er.. Obliterate Daedalus with a High Explosive Laser Gatling (H.E.L.Gat), but I guess the only explanation for that was just that I was burnt out from playing basically nothing but NVMP for several months before that.

    That's the past though, and I've since er.. broken the rules and made an Alt Account to bypass my ban, creating a stereotypically irish boi to play around with.
    From what I've seen, the community's still the same old fun place to hang, if you know where to hang.

    Even if I'm not welcome 'round here anymore, it's still sad to see a good mod go.
    I saw it'll be handed to somebody called "AFX", and I hope the do good with what they get.
    If this mod comes back one day through them, I think you can expect me to come back here again, probably NOT as Q or Barnabas O'Flaherty though

    I had lots of fun in this place,
    -Your beaned boi, Q 20180305035357_1.jpg

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