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Discussion in 'Knowledge base' started by corporal asshole, Nov 18, 2016.

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  1. corporal asshole

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    What is the network graph?
    The network graph is a useful debugging interface that shows your ping and outgoing/incoming bandwidth whilst playing NV:MP.

    • Red lines indicate your ping (round-trip time delay)
    • Green lines indicate how many KB/s you are sending to the server
    • Purple lines indicate how many KB/s you are receiving from the server
    How do I enable the network graph?
    Press "N" on your keyboard and the graph will toggle on or off.

    How fast does the graph update?
    The graph samples at the same tickrate the server is evaluating at. This should be 33 samples per second. Disabling and re-enabling the net graph will clear the previous sample buffer.
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