In Character Gold Eagle, Strip, Legion Agreement

Discussion in 'Factions & Alliances' started by Vulpes Inculta, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. Vulpes Inculta

    Vulpes Inculta

    Beta Tester
    Mar 10, 2016
    Somewhere in the Mojave Desert
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    Talks between each faction's representatives have resulted in the following outcome:

    -The Strip is to not exceed 14 territories slot. Additional slots must be approved by Legion on a case by case basis. Violations of this provision will result in appropriate punishments to be levied against the Strip from the Legion.
    -The excess territory is to be annexed by Gold Eagle. They will do what they deem fit with the territory.
    -The Mojave's Gold Eagle declares their partnership with the Strip faction.
    -Caesar's Legion is recognized as controller of the NCR Embassy on the Strip to promote open lines of communication with the Strip.
    -Caesar's Legion will protect territory controlled by the Mojave's Gold Eagles. This declaration of protection is only applied to Vegas territories owned by the Gold Eagles.
    -The Legion and the Strip (and sub-factions) agree to a non-aggression pact.

    /Signed, Vulpes Inculta
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  2. NoobAway

    NoobAway User

    Mar 6, 2016
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    I want to join the Legion

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