Out of Character Faction Discord and Group Page Compilation

Discussion in 'Factions & Alliances' started by Prime, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. Prime

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    The following list is a compilation of all faction discord's and links to group pages. I do not moderate, manage or associate with any of the aforementioned faction(s), and the NV-MP staff is not responsible for the action(s) within non-affiliated Discord servers.

    Main Discord:

    Top 5 - Most Members:

    Fallout-Based Factions:
    New Players:
    If a faction you are attempting to join does not have a working Discord link, or a working recruitment thread, it may be inactive! Try contacting the owner to see if they are still leading it!
    Faction Leaders:

    Don't see your faction?
    Post a link to your Discord, Faction page and Recruitment thread to be added! (Or the materials that you do have!)

    Did I miss something? Feel free to send me the information through DMs or this thread and I'll be sure to correct it when I am able!

    Mad about where you are on the list? I don't care. It's the order I found your faction on the group page in.

    If your faction has a Discord that I don't know about, feel free to post it here. For those factions that I know have Discords, update your group information to include it. That is where I got all of my information from.

    7/11/18 - 10:09 AM EST :: "The Operators" made bold.
    7/11/18 - 10:09 AM EST :: Edit Log added.
    7/11/18 - 9:23 PM EST :: Desert Rangers information updated. Discord and Recruitment thread added.
    7/23/18 - 2:22 PM EST :: Brotherhood of Steel information updated. Discord added.
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