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Discussion in 'Factions & Alliances' started by Prime, May 4, 2018.

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  1. Prime

    Prime Guest

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    This thread is no longer being updated, and the Contingency has been deleted. Do not post applications or reply to this thread.
    Thank you.






    The Contingency is a signal that exists and perpetuates itself for the sole purpose of the destruction of both itself and any other potential factors of change within the universe. It is perpetuated consistently, and it's source is unknown, it's power waxes and wanes throughout the countless centuries of existence, and it is known to have outlived even the Zetans in their endless quest for knowledge.

    The ultimate downfall of the Contingency, however, is it can only infect machinery. During the peak of human civilization, the signal was in the midst of a waning cycle and was unable to infect many machines, however in began to grow in power around Earth, particularly, where it perpetuated it's signal to no avail, for the radiation of the Great War had blocked it's strength for 200 years. It is now, that Institute synths have crossed the American continent, that the Contingency has bodies capable of more than basic functions.


    The Contingency strives purely to extinguish all potential difference within the universe, including itself. It is a self-pervasive blocker to all sentient and non-sentient life, and desires to completely and totally harness all energy and matter so as to annihilate all at once.


    Fulfill the following application exactly, following all instructions with precision. All questions must be answered, and must be answered with full honesty. Failure to fulfill any of the requirements of the Contingency will result in immediate denial and will result in a permanent block from future application.

    Requirements to consider are as follows;

    - Have an account in good or neutral standing
    - Have an account that has not received a ban
    - Have an account that follows the Contingency name scheme, or be capable of requesting a name change for the applying account
    - Must not be in any other faction
    - Must have been in at least one major faction for at least one (1) month time, total
    - Must not have been a subject of controversy within a period of at least one (1) month time
    - Must conduct oneself with self-respect and represent oneself, and one's faction(s) with respect deserving of Amelioration
    - Have a valid application key

    Application is as follows;


    [ USERNAME ] ::
    [ USER ID ] ::
    [ JOIN DATE ] ::


    The following questions are to be answered with at least one paragraph.

    [001] Why do you wish to join the Contingency?
    [002] What does the Contingency stand for?
    [003] How has your experience on NV-MP been thus far?
    [004] Who has impacted you the most since joining NV-MP? How?
    [005] Which faction, if any, has had the most impact on you?
    [006] How do you start a new life on NV-MP?
    [007] Do you believe in roleplay on NV-MP? Why or why not?
    [008] What is your belief in the future of this mod and its community?
    [009] What have you heard about the Contingency?

    The following questions are to be answered with Y for Yes or N for No.

    [010] Do you agree to serve the Contingency and all affiliates of the Contingency?
    [011] Do you agree to uphold the terms of the Contingency, and it's policies on the mutual respect of our enemies and members alike?
    [012] Have you ever been banned?
    [013] Has a faction ever posted a bounty on you?
    [014] Do you have any outstanding bounties or KoS orders?
    [015] Do you agree to respect the Contingency chain of command?
    [016] Do you agree to keep all Contingency conversation, methodology and operational standards secret to the best of your ability?
    [017] Are you willing to compromise friendships on NV-MP for the Contingency?
    [018] Are you willing to sacrifice your character for a Contingency mission?
    [019] Are you willing to eliminate a Contingency target, regardless of who it may be?
    [020] Are you willing to give up ties to all other factions in the name of the Contingency?

    The application ends here. Formatting must be followed identically. Include only the question number, not the question itself. A sample application has been provided below.

    [ APPLICATION KEY ] :: 9KanLem7y5PpHU8d

    [ USERNAME ] :: Prime
    [ USER ID ] :: prime.16011
    [ JOIN DATE ] :: Apr. 23, 2017
    [ POSITIVE POINTS ] :: 140
    [ NEGATIVE POINTS ] :: 15

    [ ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS ] :: Test Account [Deleted]
    [ PREVIOUS FACTIONS ] :: Enclave, Caesar's Legion, New California Republic, Desert Rangers

    [001] The Contingency serves a role that I am happy to oblige; the villain of NV-MP. As it's founder, I believe this is a mission that must be taken with utmost seriousness, for it is the potential sacrifice of one's own status for the enjoyment of others, and the overall continuity of the mod itself. It is with this belief, that I carry forward for the Contingency and cast aside the shackles of my former factions.
    [002] The Contingency stands for evil, for treachery, for the singular purpose of being the ideal villain in all scenarios. It stands for professionalism, for standards unprecedented, and as a refuge for the elite few who dedicate their time to it's continuity. It is the faith of the Contingency, that truly makes it worth it's namesake; a true alternative for those willing and bold few.
    [003] Since joining NV-MP, I was plunged into controversy and enveloped in an unprofessional, unfriendly environment and cast from faction to faction after being used for the aforementioned faction's own improvement. This, I realized, was unhealthy and have instead chosen to lead my own faction and ensure that all new players have equal opportunity to join a faction that will suit them. It is with this in mind, however, that I wholeheartedly discourage new players from joining the Contingency.
    [004] Caesar, most notably. He was my first leader, a person who I followed with a devotion that was unprecedented in my faction history. Perhaps I saw some small hope that he could lead the Legion to prosperity, perhaps that he could change. That glimmer of hope for the Legion was destroyed when he cast me out as an exile, a traitor, and ordered my death. It was that moment that I decided that I would not subject myself to another failing leader.
    [005] The Enclave. It served as a refuge when I was exiled from the Legion, a place I truly felt welcome, for a time. The Enclave, however, was in a depression. It was slowly crumbling and I tried to take the opportunity to help it rise back up alongside a few others. We were met with resistance, and that resistance eventually doomed us, and the Enclave. I later returned under President Wilson to perhaps restore the Enclave and realize the dream I had for the faction, but that, too, failed, for I was met with the very same resistance that killed the faction I loved in the past.
    [006] I start out by heading to the RepConn Headerquarters in order to retrieve the Q-35 Plasma Modulator, an ideal starting weapon and my personal favorite weapon available in Fallout: New Vegas. I then head to the Sunset Sarsparilla Headquarters to gather levels until I reach around the 50 range. If I must act with haste, I only gather up to level 30, the minimum to survive a mini-nuke. I then use the caps that I gathered while at the building to purchase a set of Reinforced Combat Armor Mk. II, objectively the best possible armor available in NV-MP.
    [007] I believe roleplay is possible, however the community and environment sponsored by NV-MP makes this difficult, and can result in individuals being outcast for seriousness. My hope is that the Contingency can change that outlook and offer a serious, villainous faction for the community to despise together. Perhaps it will unite them under a common banner and create a whole romanticized story arc!
    [008] I believe the mod and it's community is capable of improvement, and needs to be pushed by those of us who care in order to establish a degree of urgency towards the changes necessary. Whether or not those changes are implemented is out of our hands, but the utter disregard for continuity expressed by certain members of the community is completely intolerable.
    [009] I created the Contingency, and have heard little about it from external sources aside from a certain degree of 'hype' for a true villain to arise.
    [010] Y
    [011] Y
    [012] Y
    [013] N
    [014] N
    [015] Y
    [016] Y
    [017] Y
    [018] Y
    [019] Y
    [020] Y

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  2. Mystique


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    Apr 2, 2018
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    I'm really sad this didn't take off. It seemed like such a cool idea and you obviously put a lot of work into it.
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  3. BigEmpty

    BigEmpty Well-Liked User

    Jan 4, 2018
    Neu-Ulm, Bayern, Deutschland
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    Can we get an F in the chat for Contingency?
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  4. Prime

    Prime Guest

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    A faction like it wouldn't prosper in a small, isolated playerbase like this. It has a very niche appeal and the expectation of excellence was simply too much. I would have either been required to drop all requirements necessary to join the Contingency to that those of the Legion's pedigree or deal with the issues that faced the Enclave.

    I chose to shut down my personal creation before it could be destroyed by this community, and I find it unfortunate that I wasted so much time on it. I will definitely reuse the idea in the future.
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