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Discussion in 'Notice Board' started by Scott Poutgrim, Sep 19, 2017.

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  1. Scott Poutgrim

    Scott Poutgrim User

    Aug 8, 2017
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    When the Free Winds Company recruits more and more wanderers of the Mojave, I can request faction kits for the company. And I'd also like to take the time to list out possible official positions as an active member of the faction. If there's any position that's not listed, suggest one with as much information and reason why it should be under the FWC name.

    Wanderer - This is the standard entry position for the Company. Lacking direction is not necessarily a bad thing.
    •Merc Adventurer Outfit
    •9mm Pistol and Knife
    Bruiser - The basic muscle of our company. You're here to intimidate and keep away threats from our clients.
    •Merc Veteran Outfit
    •Authority Glasses
    •Police Baton and 9mm Pistol​

    Hunter - A set for our sharpshooters. Your job is to hunt down the wildlife of the Mojave, and the occasional mad-man.
    •Leather Armor
    •Varmit Rifle​

    Spy - Stay hidden in plain sight. As a spy, your job is to keep tabs on everything going on in the wasteland. Information is power.
    •Merc Adventurer Outfit
    •Slave Scarf and Sunglasses
    •.357 Magnum Revolver and Brass Knuckles ​
    • Creative Creative x 1

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