AC_GLINT'S Happy little starter guide to making starter guides.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AC_GLINT, Aug 8, 2018.

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    AC_GLINT Well-Known User

    Mar 14, 2017
    Christmas Island
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    Hello there. :D

    Welcome in todays topic we will be going over the creation starter guides within this starter guide to creating starter guides for NVMP which new players can read your starter guide to begin their very own starter guide to guide other players in game that play NVMP to play.

    First and foremost of every stater guide you should always state that it is a stater guide for new players, this way it lets players know this is a starter guide to help them incase they missed the 50 other made starter guides on the first page of general discussion.

    Secondly in a starter guide you should go over stuff that a player already knows such as these topics: how to use a weapon, where to find items when we already have a fallout wikia and last but not least my favorite how to use stimpaks. stating the obvious is a great way to show your own knowledge of NV to other players that also play NV and fallout just in general

    Thirdly the best way to start a starter guide is to look at existing starter guides and basically copy every topic that was covered there in that starter guide for your own starter guide that way players do not have to go to their starter guide because you already made one.

    For instance take a look at these starter guides and think to your self

    :l'how can i make a starter guide to help new players that will read my starter guide'

    Lastly don't forget to forget about your starter guide this way when someone else decides to make another starter guide their starter guide will already include your infomation as well as every other starter guide in their starter guide so you don't have to worry about editing your starter guide to fix the mistakes all over the place.

    As an overview of this stater guide for the creation of a stater guide we will be going over the topics said in this stater guide to creating a stater guide for your stater guide. firstly always state your guide is a stater guide. secondly your stater guide should contain basic knowledge of every fallout game that every fallout fan knows. thirdly take from other stater guides to add to your own stater guide. and lastly your stater guide will be obselete by the time another stater guide has been made so do not worry if your stater guide is 100% perfect because their stater guide will probably be just as bad or basically the same thing but in different font and colours and images.

    Thank you for reading my stater guide on how to create a stater guide i am grateful that you have taken the time to read my stater guide on how to create a stater guide and i hope that it has helped you a lot in the creation of your very own stater guide.

    :cool:starter guide.

    :todd: Also buy the new skyrim on switch so you can also create a stater guide on how to play skyrim
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  2. CutThroat

    CutThroat Well-Liked User

    Jan 4, 2018
    Camp Searchlight
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    Starter Guide
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  3. BigEmpty

    BigEmpty Well-Liked User

    Jan 4, 2018
    Neu-Ulm, Bayern, Deutschland
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    :putin:Starter guides are just bait to recruit and or get likes? :whoa: Blew my mind anyways.
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