A question about my friend's ban.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Radiation King, Mar 19, 2018.

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  1. Radiation King

    Radiation King User

    the Children of Atom
    United States
    Jan 3, 2018
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    I'm writing this thread because I heard my friend GoodBread was banned on 3/17 for something related to racism. This had shocked me because he had never said anything of the sort before, and I know he is not racist. I am mainly writing this because he cannot enter the website to discuss this himself. He is a good friend, I believe him when he says he didn't say anything racist. Could someone look into it for me or allow him to access the website if he is blocked? I would love to have my friend back in my favorite online game. Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

    Sincerely, Radiation King (Zachary)
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  2. dogo

    dogo Gamemaster

    Administrator Gamemaster Forum Moderator Forum Dweller Beta Tester White Glove Society
    Jan 29, 2016
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    I looked into and explained to you on discord. Closing the thread.

    Sorry to you and your friend about this incident
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