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Jan 22, 2019 at 1:39 AM
Apr 2, 2018
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June 26
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Meme Motel

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Recognised User | Level 6, from Meme Motel

Forum Dweller NCR

I'm sad to see this mod go but I will always remember my time here fondly and I will cherish the memories I and some amazing people made :) Jan 20, 2019 at 4:15 PM

Mystique was last seen:
Jan 22, 2019 at 1:39 AM
    1. Mystique
      Great to be back! :)
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    June 26
    Home Page:
    Meme Motel
    Everyone is beautiful in their own way because God makes no mistakes.

    Hello there, thanks for visiting my profile! :)

    About me

    I am a very boring person in all honesty so sorry if you came to my profile seeking someone fun to talk to. Even so, if you are still here and genuinely want to know about me, I am humbled.

    Why I love the Fallout games

    The reason I love fallout so much is because of the dynamic of the wasteland and how the character can develop into a saint or a devil. I think that the sheer amount of choice and direction the protagonist can take in the game is the reason I love it so much. It is very hard to capture the essence of this sort of mechanic in a game correctly but Bethesda seems to have done it right.

    Why I'm here on NVMP

    Moving on from Fallout itself, I am apart of NVMP because I love the community that is here and it is so great to be able to interact and meet people who share my love for Fallout. There is much diversity here and almost everyone is really lovely to talk to.

    What games I play other than Fallout and NVMP

    I do play other games besides Fallout and NVMP because while they are good, it is never good to burn yourself out and lose a passion for something. I love to play Mass Effect (1 - 3), SWKOTOR (1 - 2) and Dragon Age (1 - 2) because of the good/evil and character development that are present in them. I do also dabble in other genres from time to time and I do enjoy games such as Men Of War: Assault Squad and Mount and Blade. I am currently very invested in a game called Rising Storm 2 [store.steampowered.com]. I am really liking this game right now because it has a really good combat system that feels rewarding when you kill someone. Look up some videos and reviews because I love it. Definitely recommended for all players who enjoy first-person shooters.

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