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The Power House of New Vegas
English (UK)
Created at:
Apr 14, 2017
Factions & Alliances
The Strip
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If you wish to join as one of the three main Sub-Faction Leaders pm me. For anyone who wishes to join one of the Sub-Factions please seek out the Leader of the corresponding faction you wish to join.

The New Vegas Strip Discord:

Mojave Militia & Trade Discord:

F.W.A. Discord:


The Strip had been thriving for months under Mr.House, but then House stopped communicating with us for reasons unknown. But we will not allow The Strip to devolve into nothing more than a place for tribes to fight each other endlessly. As such I have taken the reigns, at least until House returns.


The goals of those in the faction are to keep The Strip safe, prosperous, civilized, and a course follow the commands of the Mayor of New Vegas which are far and few inbetween so long as The Strip isn`t in danger. Other than that each of the Sub-Faction leaders are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want without much interference from the mayor.


(Ex-King of New Vegas): Gamer_loxo1

The Mayor of New Vegas: Norad

The Sub-Faction leaders:
Courier 6:
The Tops Leader: Miles17
The Omertas Leader: Nitecloud
The White Glove Society Leader: GoodBread
Mojave Militia & Trade: Rougelike89

Other: The ranking of members below the Sub-Leaders is determined by them, and are appointed by them. The only exception being the Couriers who have a flat hierarchy


While on duty The Mayor and Sub-Faction Leaders are to wear Pre-War formal clothes, and when off duty anything is fair game to wear. (Hats are optional). The Sub-Faction Leaders can decide the dress code for their own groups. The Couriers may wear whatever they want


New Vegas Strip, The Lucky 38 Casino, The Tops Casino, Gomorrah, The Ultra-Luxe Casino, Las Vegas Boulevard Station
The Atomic Wrangler, Mick and Ralph's, The Thorn, The Silver Rush, Casa Madrid Apartments, Westside Co-op, Sunset Sarsparilla HQ, North Vegas Square, Win's Hideout, Fiend House, Horrowitz Farmstead, Northern Passage and the North, East and Central Sewers

And remember The House Always Wins..


Last Updated: Jul 13, 2017, Updated By: Gamer_loxo1