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Jul 21, 2017
Factions & Alliances
The Circle of Steel
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vvv El Dorado Massacre vvv

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The Circle of Steel is a faction from the cancelled Fallout 3 Van Buren and Fallout New Vegas. We're autonomous, working separately from the Brotherhood the operating under similar ideologies. CoS is a covert and technologically advanced group. Specifically making use of wrist-mounted personal stealth-field generators and high-tech stealth suits to assist them in taking on missions the Brotherhood couldn't achieve through normal methods.
When former Brotherhood Elder Father Elijah fled from HELIOS One during Operation: Sunburst he left a trail of crime across the wasteland. After receiving word of this the Circle of Steel dispatched Christine Royce to execute him. Equipped with a CoS recon stealth suit and a modified DKS-501 sniper rifle she followed the wake of crime Elijah left. She tracked him to Big mountain all the way to the Sierra Madre Casino, from that point onwards contact was lost. The rest of Circle of Steel operated up until their greatest boon withdrew them from reality and clouded their minds. In the effort to end the war with the New California Republic once for all, the Brotherhood began research on stealth devices known as the RobCo Stealth Boy 3001. This wrist-mounted personal stealth devices generated a modulating refraction field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to other, making the individual using one considerably harder to notice. Through the use of this stealth technology Circle of Steel operatives delved far into NCR territory carrying out many long reconnaissance missions, relaying valuable information back to the Brotherhood. On these month-long missions, the negative side effects of Stealth boys more prominent in Nightkin started appearing in the operatives. Extreme paranoia, delusions and eventually schizophrenia crept into the operatives minds. Without the extra intelligence, the Brotherhood fell behind in the war effort against the NCR.
Through either negligence during the reverse engineering process or simply not assigning enough time to research the harmful side effects of the devices were not recognised until the CoS operatives returned back to the Brotherhood. By then their paranoia had swallowed them whole causing them to doubt their leader's motives and intentions. Stealing the rest of the Stealth Boys they fled the bunker and deserted the Brotherhood, declaring the Circle of Steel its own separate entity from the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood. Their goal to recover and preserve technology in order to rebuild the glory of the Brotherhood at any and all costs.


With the Circle of Steel creating their own branch after deserting, they announced a new Elder to start their tech-recovery project and took a firm stand on the western coast of the former United States. Originally operating out of the Nellis AFB and Repconn HQ, they've since chosen to make use of smaller non-descript locations to keep their cover.



Jacobstown, a settlement far to the North-West had been looking into a cure for the Nightkins schizophrenia caused by their over-dependence on stealth boys. Through outside intervention and continued experimentation, a cure for the Nightkin schizophrenia was found. Now becoming a haven for mutants looking for peace, word of the stealth boy induced schizophrenia cure spread to CoS. Some looked to pursue a cure for human subjects, treatments and possibly cures had varying success. Some found peace, others didn't.
With a greater grip on reality and better judgement, the resentment and paranoia CoS held for the Mojave Chapter declined gradually. Whilst they never integrated into the Brotherhood they still decided to work towards the same goal. To keep as close to lore available to us, we'll primarily outfit our members with recon armour and occasionally power armour. Using Gauss rifles, DKS-501's and stealth boys when necessary to fit the Circle of Steel narrative.

New California Republic
Searchlight Outcasts

Enclave - War 27.06.18 to 30.06.18 [Ended - Peace Treaty]
Brotherhood of Steel - War 25.06.18 to 08.07.18 [Ended - BoS summoned a GM to intervene]
Deathclaw Tamers
Red Talons
Command Hierarchy:

The Caste system establishes that all castes are co-dependent. With this, the faction's strength comes through unity.

Elder: The Elder leads the Circle of Steel. Following the Brotherhood's more traditional motives from the Codex, it is their responsibility to plot the Circle of Steel's political course.

Paladin Caste: Paladins are first and foremost the most aggressive force within the Circle of Steel. The pinnacle of its military force, they handle the security, outside patrols and recon work. They handle the combat training of new Initiates.

Knight Caste: Knights within the Circle of steel manufacture and maintain the weaponry and armour used by the outside patrols. They supplement outside patrols as well as teach new Initiates security drills to guarantee the safety of CoS territories.

Scribe Caste: Scribes of the CoS are responsible for reverse engineering, investigating and experimenting with the pre-war technology that's available, whilst also maintaining the current technology. They do this to understand how better to regulate technology within the wasteland. Scribes often do not leave the confinement of their bunker unless they take on the role of a field Scribe. In such a case they undergo limited military training to be better suited for outdoors operations, such as examining technology beyond the expertise of CoS Soldiers.

Initiates: Initiates are the new CoS members. They receive basic combat training. Beyond this the CoS' ideology, motives and Command hierarchy are explained to them. Generally born from prior members of the CoS, occasionally outsiders are granted the Initiate rank provided they show their worth.


Core Territories
. Hidden Valley
2. Abandoned BoS bunker
3. BoS Safehouse
4. Black Mountain
5. Repconn Test site
6. Repconn Headquarters
8. Crashed vertibird
9. Mojave Drive-in
9. Wolfhorn Ranch
10. El Dorado Gas & Service
11. Lucky Jim Mine
12. Quarry Junction
13. Gomorrah Casino
14. Vault 34

Additional Territories
. Railyard
2. Crescent Canyon
3. Bradley's Shack
4. Highway 95 Viper's encampment
5. Techatticup mine
6. Deathclaw Hell
7. Makeshift Great Khan camp
8. Tribal village
9. Spring Mt. Ranch State Park
10. Gun Runners Headquarters
11. Raul's shack
12. Field's shack
13. Northern passage
14. Fiend House
15. Tumbleweed Ranch House
16. Wins Hideout
17. Brewer's Bootlegging
18. The Thorn
19. Crimson Caravan
20. Abandoned camp
21. Vault 19
22. Jacobs Town
23. Charleston cave
24. Remnant's bunker
25. Ruby Hill
26. Lucky 38
27. Gomorrah
28. Silver Rush
29. Atomic Wrangler
30. Kings School
31. Freeside North

Basic Rules:
1. Under no circumstances are civilians to be harmed, only in self-defence are you to raise your weapon.
2. The Elder and Command rank members have the last word.
If given an order, you're expected to follow it through by the letter.
3. Do not share any collected technology with untrustworthy outsiders.


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