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Making caps in any way possible
English (UK)
Created at:
Feb 21, 2017
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The Auxilia Company
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The Auxilia Company is my faction based off businesses. We are not politically based hence why we will not ally or go to war with other factions such as the NCR, legion, BoS etc unless necessary/profitable. Because of this if anyone in a faction needs some extra caps they can do some jobs for us without becoming a full members (although they won't get as much potential caps) (This work can be molded to be done off duty as well if your faction leader has a problem with it). Also our faction helps others do what they want as long as there's profit in it. If you want to do something that we do not have a division for then you can say what you want to do and we will probably make a job/division for it.

Our current divisions are the Trading and Scavenging division and the Military division (we are prepared to open up more divisions if they are profitable)

The Trading and Scavenging division will be focused on... well trading and scavenging. We also plan to have caravans to supply wanderers and move around stock.

The Military division will defend Auxilia's territory as well as being used as a mercenary force in wars/battles (for example, the battle of hoover dam)

We are also the 4th family of The Strip


We will be doing recruiting in waves, this way we can give recruits a chance to show off and get promoted without being flooded out by too many recruits. It will be posted when recruiting is open/closed.
Recruiting is currently closed


Character Backstory (If you have one):

What you want to do in game:

Join the Strip discord if you wish to join (


I was born in 2246, my parents were a part of the Followers of the Apocalypse and were ordered killed by Caesar after being captured by the Blackfoot tribe (I don't know about this IC). I decided to stick with the Followers to make a few caps. At 16 while reading I became interested in laser technology and saved enough caps to buy a laser rifle and started modifying it (to varying degrees of success). By 20 I was doing some jobs for the NCR and got offered to join 1st Recon, after declining they insisted I had one of the 1st Recon Berets nonetheless. At 25 years old, during an expedition with the Followers, we got attacked by the Great Khans. While I managed to escape the rest weren't so lucky. By then I had decided I wanted to leave the Followers and so I started roaming and taking jobs from settlements

By 28 my skills with laser weaponry caught the eye of the Brotherhood of Steel who decided to train me and give me a few jobs, although I was never officially a member. I decided to help the BoS during the fight for Helios One however I left when it seemed certain that I was on the losing side, I bailed. As much as I was grateful towards the BoS I would never die for them. By now I had saved up quite a lot of caps, and was confident that me and my trusty laser rifle were up to any task and so I decided I was going to start a mercenary group with a friend I made in the wasteland, who goes by the name of Blazefire. After trying to figure out names for the group I remembered a book The Followers had, talking about some old roman army called the Auxilia, help in Latin. And that's what a merc group does right? Mercs help for the right amount of money. And so Auxilia was born with Blaze taking charge.

We had a rough start no one would come to us, saying we were useless, Blaze even left to join the NCR leaving me to run the group. The savings started to dry up and the few jobs that we had weren't enough to keep us going. We had to start doing things that were unconventional, taking contracts for low life general jobs normal mercs wouldn't take. But after awhile, we started rolling, getting more experienced and better jobs, doing whatever it took to make end meet. Finally, after years of working, we're on a steady path upwards and gaining a foot as one of the most respected and feared merc groups of the Mojave.

After success as merc group we decided to expand our sights to new horizons and we renamed to The Auxilia Company with a mercenary division and a trade and caravan division. All is looking good for The Auxilia Company as we set our name into the history of the Mojave as a group that was not to be messed with.

Since then our operations have focused more around Freeside, this brought Auxilia to the attention of Mr.House who offered them to become the 4th family, the offer was accepted.


The Atomic Wrangler, Mick & Ralph's, The Thorn, The Silver Rush, Casa Madrid Apartments, Westside Co-op, Sunset Sarsparilla HQ, North Vegas Square, Win's Hideout, Fiend House, Horrowitz Farmstead, Northern Passage and the North, East and Central Sewers, Gun Runners HQ

Territories Claimed: Freeside and Westside

Anyone who has further ideas for the group feel free to pm me

I would also like to give credit to
blazefire1821 the founder of this faction


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