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Making the Mojave a better place, one location at a time.
English (US)
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Dec 10, 2017
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Back Story

(This is a heavy WIP frost needs to add the proper back story to this. For now that will have to do.)

We are the Talonic Army, here to bring the factions together and re-build this great country. One miss understanding people have about us is that we are not the Enclave, we do not Agree with their ways, we do not seek pointless violence, we seek peace across the wasteland and for all to fall under one banner, as a country.


1. Do not wear other factions armor, such as the BoS's Power armor, the NCR veterans armor, ect.

2. Only fire if Fired upon. We do not want to be know as a bandit group whom opens fire on random people. Check your targets boys.

3. Respect to be respected. Respect is a major factor with us, within our own ranks and outside of them. Show everyone and anyone respect, even if they are your hostile.

4. No sexist, racist, or derogatory remarks towards anyone, within or not within out own ranks.​

All of these rules are to be followed both IC (In character )and OOC (Out-of-Character). If these rules can not be followed you will be warned once and only once before your removal. (Or if you do not agree with these rules, then this faction is not for you.)​

Our Territory

Khan Raider Encampment
Vault 19
Makeshift Great Khan Camp
Yangtzee Abandoned shack
Yangtze Memorial
NCR Correctional Facility
Legion's Safehouse
Searchlight Airport
Sottonwood Overlook


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