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Quick Overview

The Fiends are a local raider gang operating in the Mojave Wasteland.
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Jul 5, 2017
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The Fiends have little organization except for their occupation of Vault 3 and a few central leaders: Wavey, Kermut, and Motor-Runner. With Motor-Runner being the one running Vault 3, commanding the other leaders, and assigning newer members to one of the gangs, he is presumed to be the main leader of the Fiends.


Vault 3 was once an ordinary, happy vault operating perfectly to its intended pre-war standards. The vault was one of the few vaults not connected to any experiments, purely functioning to protect its residents. However, Vault 3 was one of the several vaults designed to only operate for 20 years, after which it was intended to have been opened. Residents of the vault, scared of what may exist outside, remained locked up in the vault for 200 years until an accidental water leak occurred in the vault—forcing the inhabitants to open up the vault and trade with locals. The success of the trading caught the attention of raiders, who easily attacked Vault 3 as they had not set up any security. After the original residents of the vault were either slaughtered or had managed to flee, the raiders took over Vault 3, which essentially became their "capital".


With little internal structure ranks in the Fiend's will be based on activity, brutality, and leadership. Although above in the leadership section it talks about our leaders if you do not wish to assume one of those roles after I appoint you the leader of a Fiend gang you can be your own leader although those names legitimize your claim as a Fiend leader. Our rank structure will be based on this:

Fiend: A typical member.

Brutal Fiend: A recognized member who has committed several acts to be noticed by their gang leader.

Pyscho Fiend: The "First Recon" equivilent, these are some of the best the Fiends have, this rank is achieved after becoming a 'Brutal Fiend' and completing a major bounty.

Unhinged: The most elite warriors the Fiend's have, hand-selected by Motor-Runner. They act as normal gang members, but respond directly to Motor-Runner when needed.

Wing-Man: A gang leader's second in command.

Gang Leader: The leader of a group of Fiends, often a named character in singleplayer mode.

Motor-Runner: The organizer of all Fiend leaders.