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Quick Overview

Live to Hunt, Hunt to Live
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Jun 15, 2018
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Deathclaw Tamers
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Quick Overview

We covet the Thorn it is our home. inside are the many creatures of the Mojave that we have tamed. The most dangerous of these being the Deathclaw, a powerful creature standing taller than a person and can rip power armor in two. Our hunters are the best at taking down these dangerous monsters. Even going so far to breed and tame them. we use them to hunt and fight, sometimes even in the Arena. To become the best of the Hunters you will prove your worth to the thorn by procuring eggs. these eggs will allow us to tame more creatures to be used and kill.


LEADER (Master Hunter)

OFFICER (Top Tier Hunter)

SCOUT (Hunter of Thorn)

Current Equity

Mistor Love's Survival Guide™-starters-guide-for-new-players-and-new-mercs.2808/#post-40722

If you to be a scout there are 3 ways
1) Follow DRAGONAIR147 or an officer into Quarry Junction to collect TEN EGGS
2) Follow DRAGONAIR147 or an officer into Deathclaw Hell and survive
3) Follow DRAGONAIR147 or an officer into Deadwind Cavern and kill the legendary Deathclaw.

-Vex Helm (In the Legion Safe house)
-Recon Armor (Buy at Gun Runners)
-Sheriff's Duster
-Ranged weapons (Usually YCS)
-Paliencia (Special Hunting Rifle)
-Thorn Entrance
-Thorn Cages
-Deathclaw Hell
-Gypsum Quarry Office

-Yangtzee Abandoned Shack
-Yangtzee Memorial

-ANY Encampments close to Deathclaws
-Tumbleweed Ranch House
-Horowitz Farmstead
-Brewers Bootlegging Shack

We are a defensive faction but will negotiate for hunting grounds.

The Thorn is a place between worlds, the high life of New Vegas and the unforgiving Wasteland, a place that is part of both yet exclusive. Westside is solely dependent on the Thorn. The attractions of the Thorn have brought merchants farmers and anyone who does not want to live in New Vegas or Freeside. Thorn has grown wealthy from this and grown,


Inside are the Thorn are found the most dangerous of the wasteland's creatures and of course the Hunters who breed and tamed them. of the many creatures these hunters have tamed the Deathclaw is the most brutal.

The Hunters were not always so, they had to learn to hunt and defeat their prey or become prey themselves. between Giant Mantises, Radscorpions, and Fire Geckos, the Hunters grew stronger and wiser, beginning to collect and tame. The next creatures were the cunning nightstalkers, of which they found were very good hunters themselves. taking on the Cazadores proved to be tough but the Hunters adapted and succeeded taking their venom for good use. Then finally the Hunters faced the greatest of beasts, Deathclaws. Using a combination of arms, tactics, and skill the Hunters were too much the Deathclaws. Not one hunter died in the procurement of their eggs.


After having collected the eggs and raised their new companions the Hunters decided to settle down, and they found the Thorn. With the pack of creatures they had acquired the Hunters decided to have blood arena matches with their companions, pitting the most dangerous against the most cunning and horrifying, the sport quickly drew in large crowds and spectators. Eventually a betting system was devised and the Thorn became wealthy. But not only can creatures participate in the blood fights, warriors and hunters from all around can test their medal against one or even more of these monstrosities. the reward for victory is being lavished in wealth, while defeat meant death.


Today the Hunters, Now called the Deathclaw Tamers, as they were those who have, lead the Thorn and make Westside prosper. They hold epic pit fights for all to see and participate in. Among the highest tiers of Hunters they keep kill counts of their prey and the Hunter with the most counts is the their Leader, and they are revered by all in the Thorn, and they lead the Thorn to GREATNESS.


No swearing
No killing other members
Don"t raid
Only attack other players in self defense
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