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Guns, Cool Hats, Explosions, and Dead Romans
English (US)
Created at:
Sep 8, 2018
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The Arizona Rangers
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The Arizona Rangers are based off their real life counter part. After the Great War and civilization crumbled the Arizona Rangers of their time were no more. Time passes and a new evil besets the human race again.

Edward Sallow better known as Caesar has formed a group known as the Legion. The Legion in an attempt to push society forward has made sacrifices that the American people long ago died so those said practices would never again see the light of day on American soil. So a new breed of Rangers were born. For a new reason, but the same goal.

Their Leader, the law enforcement of the town, fled his town being torched by the Legion. He was sullen in anger and guilt he couldn't help his people. But he was just one man and the Legion were many, he didn't stay and die, he knew he couldn't save his own town, but he could others.

Along his travels he came across an old police station that was uninhabited. The place station had long been ransacked for its goods, but after scrounging through some desks the man found a badge and some manuals. It was in that building the man learned of the former Arizona Rangers. The elite force of the law enforcement back in the Civilization days. That's what the land needed, the Rangers of old to protect the people from the Legion. He was inspired and given purpose once again.

He began traveling and would follow Legion raiding parties. If he had the advantage he would go to towns and villages that were in the Legion's sight and warn and evacuate them. Sometimes he was too late but he watched for fleeing survivors. He offered them a place within his commune. And if they wanted and were of able body, he offered them a place within the Rangers.

His first refugee he found ended up becoming second in command. They learned a lot from each other as he was a hunter for his tribe, and the Leader was the "Sheriff" of his old town.

As the encounters with the Legionaries grew, and so did the numbers of the Rangers, they became aware of them and their goals. They were becoming rather infamous within Legion ranks, always one step ahead of the Legion and not a single one killed so far. The Ranger's Leader started referring to himself as "Mars" to further stick it to the Legion.

On a normal scavenger run they encountered an old world base whose robots ran out of power only a decade ago. They were able to stockpile up on explosives and other items and became trained with them quickly. They found lots of old world knowledge in the forms of Terminals (thanks to a back up generator) and plenty of reading material. The base seemed to exist to test explosive weaponry. They learned how to make a basic explosive out of regular materials. They grabbed all they could and headed out.

Now they had the tools to ward off and even kill some of the Legionaries. But they were still small and were only in a small part of Arizona. There numbers were rising at a high enough rate where they couldn't keep camping out. They made a base of operations. An old bunker whose location was revealed at the old world base.

The Rangers were becoming successful but the Legion was still converting tribes and gaining an iron hold with Arizona. After a usual stalking routine of the Legionaries one of the Rangers overheard talk of the Legion mobilizing out West to a place called "The Mojave". This rung a bell for Mars. He recognized that place from the terminal entries at the base. Their was plenty of secret Military Installations there. Mars made a difficult choice but ultimately a wise one. He and the Rangers would leave Arizona to get to the Mojave before the Legion, so he could warn and save the people from the horrors of the Legion.

The Rangers found some Brahmin and loaded up their food, water, and munitions for the great journey to the Mojave...


1.) Be a nice respectable person.
2.) Always help a wastelander in need.
3.) Do NOT fire upon innocent civilians.
4.) Follow the rules of warfare.
5.) Do not take land that doesn't belong us.
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