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The Enclave, rebuilding America's future today!
Created at:
Dec 1, 2016
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The Enclave
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<:: Rebooting...::>
<:: Please insert Keycode: ********::>
<:: Logging in...::>
<:: Accepted::>
<:: WARNING! Insert Authority Codex: *******::>
<:: WARNING! Improper Authority Level, some information may be hidden::>
<:: Opening File: Enclave_Record_2242::>

<::The Enclave::>

<::Our Glorious Mission::>
It is our duty, our right, and our nigh sacred mission to clear the Wastes of the twisted perversions that mar its surface, to return this land to the Golden Age of Liberty and Strength that it once knew. It is our goal, as the rightful government of the United States of America, to pacify these lands and return it into the fold of that great nation from which we all are descended. We will return this wretched, damn├ęd land to the prosperity it once knew, by whatever means are necessary.

<::Our History::>
We are the sons and daughters of the old world, the heirs to a mighty legacy. We are the rightful government of the United States of America, the rump state left behind in the wake of its fall from grace and glory. The leaders of this blessed nation were spared the torment of atomic fire so they may lead the world back to what it once was. We survived in bunkers and at the Oil Rig off the West Coast, where our government remained. They remained until, of course, treacherous savages from the Wastes brought it all down. Cowards and killers who denied the freedom and truth for which we stood, for they knew that pure message to be their undoing. We endured this loss, and so too did we endure defeat at the hands of the pseudo-feudal tyrants of the Brotherhood of Steel.

All these defeats we weathered, but weather them we will no longer. Now comes the time to strike back, and liberate the wastes from its oppressors. Now comes our time, and a new era is dawning. The Era of the Enclave. An era of prosperity, freedom, and a return to the power our great nation once had.

<::Allies to the State::>
None listed.

<::Anti-American Terrorists::>


<::Rules and Regulations::>
1. It is forbidden for any citizen of the Enclave to make unauthorized negotiations with the barbarians of the wastes unless approved by a higher ranking officer.

2. All citizens of the Enclave must obey the commands of a superior, unless such commands are unreasonable.

3. It is forbidden for any citizen of the Enclave to become dangerously irradiated without making attempts to seek a cure.

4. It is mandated that all citizens and soldiers of the Enclave must exterminate the unclean mutants of the wastes when encountered. This is necessary for the future of our nation, and it is of utmost importance.

5. It is forbidden for citizens of the Enclave to harm their fellow citizens.

6. Treason, in any form, is one of the greatest offences a member of the Enclave can commit.
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