List of all social groups at NV:MP.

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Most Members

  1. The Brotherhood of Steel
    445 members, 14K views.
  2. New California Republic
    367 members, 10.1K views.
  3. Red Talons
    122 members, 4K views.
  4. The Strip
    80 members, 4.9K views.
  5. Fiends
    74 members, 3.1K views.

Recent Threads

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    Wizard replied, Jul 21, 2018
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    Wizard replied, Jul 17, 2018

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Making the Mojave a better place, one location at a time.
The United Idaho Confederacy is a Athoritarian group of tribes that have united to brave a wasteland
Our goal is to tend to the inhabitants of the wasteland, and prevent another great war.
We'll blow you to hell, unless you've got some dynamite of your own.

public The Khans

Tyranny, Terror, and Lawless Violence
“We fire, even when we don’t see the whites of your eyes”
We kill, we take, we teach and protect our own.
“Revolutionizing safety for an uncertain future.”