List of all social groups at NV:MP.

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Most Members

  1. The Brotherhood of Steel
    367 members, 11.6K views.
  2. New California Republic
    280 members, 7.8K views.
  3. The Enclave
    149 members, 5.1K views.
  4. Caesar's Legion
    106 members, 7.6K views.
  5. The Strip
    79 members, 4.3K views.

Recent Threads

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    Wizard replied, Jul 17, 2018 at 8:09 PM
  3. Bean Man
    Trek #1
    Bean Man replied, Jun 28, 2018
  4. Fuktaost

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public Red Talons

No Contract, Bounty or Job is too much for the Red Talons
Autocratic, Araditionalist, Imperialistic slaver society, and a Totalitarian Dictatorship
Welcome to the family, get ready to get your palms dirty and your knuckles bloody.
Making the Mojave a better place, one location at a time.
Our goal is to tend to the inhabitants of the wasteland, and prevent another great war.

public Sons of Ares

War is the only way humanity can atone for its sins