List of all social groups at NV:MP.

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Most Members

  1. The Brotherhood of Steel
    427 members, 13.5K views.
  2. New California Republic
    345 members, 9.6K views.
  3. The Enclave
    191 members, 6.7K views.
  4. Red Talons
    111 members, 3.5K views.
  5. Desert Rangers
    86 members, 4.9K views.

Recent Threads

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    Contract Format
    Fraudulent_Doom replied, Oct 13, 2018
  2. The Marked
    The Marked replied, Oct 5, 2018
  3. Wizard
    Wizard replied, Jul 21, 2018
  4. Wizard
    Wizard replied, Jul 17, 2018

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public Red Talons

No Contract, Bounty or Job is too much for the Red Talons
Autocratic, Araditionalist, Imperialistic slaver society, and a Totalitarian Dictatorship

public The Raiders

We're raiders, i'll let you figure out the rest.
“Revolutionizing safety for an uncertain future.”
Our goal is to tend to the inhabitants of the wasteland, and prevent another great war.
Got loose ends that need cutting? Don't worry, we can handle it.