List of all social groups at NV:MP.

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Most Members

  1. The Brotherhood of Steel
    246 members, 8.9K views.
  2. New California Republic
    133 members, 5K views.
  3. The Enclave
    76 members, 2.6K views.
  4. The Strip
    72 members, 3.9K views.
  5. The Khans
    54 members, 4.4K views.

Trending Threads

Autocratic, Araditionalist, Imperialistic slaver society, and a Totalitarian Dictatorship

public Red Talons

No Contract, Bounty or Job is too much for the Red Talons
A faction that plans to take over a bunker and sit on loot.

public The Friends

Please stop getting us confused with the Fiends, we wear Lab Suits, not a Loincloth's.
The largest trading company this side of the Hoover Dam

public Sons of Ares

War is the only way humanity can atone for its sins
Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone