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  1. Ranger Pariah
    Ranger Pariah
    I met a lot of cool people in this community. Some I'm following to other games/mods, others I fear will disappear. Take care out there.
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  2. Eddie Scarpa
    Eddie Scarpa
    I'm going to miss NVMP, met many great people when I joined in June 2018 and was very active since, it was a good run and great experience.
  3. Red1995
    Had its ups and downs but 2016 to 2017 was the best for me personally. Playing the first few betas was a lot of fun. Still glad I joined.
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  4. stemmed paladin
    stemmed paladin
  5. Dieler
    Tunnel snakes are moving to BIG CHUNGUS on PS4 when it releases since they've died here and its looking more promising than NVMP
  6. The Outlaw
    The Outlaw
    only been a small part in the community. Everyone here has had their own fun, and it was a beautiful band of people.
  7. The Outlaw
    The Outlaw
    was fun. My little skirmishes against admins, and enjoying the moment while it lasted. It's crazy that all my experiences on this mod have
  8. The Outlaw
    The Outlaw
    I had joined the Enclave, NCR, and eventually BoS (former with Nak and Mac), eventually making Outlaw's gang, albeit not the biggest, it
  9. The Outlaw
    The Outlaw
    With a heavy heart, it's sad to see NV-MP come to a close, it was quite a fun adventure. Especially with every fun soul I have met on here,
  10. The Outlaw
  11. DrowsyBore
    Looks like this is going to an end, even if the mod won't be no more, for a while i hope, the community will remain. #NV-MP pro team
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  12. Johnny Johnny
  13. CutThroat
    You never realise how precious something is until you have to let it go,this game and community was one of a kind, and I'll always miss it.
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  14. Mystique
    I'm sad to see this mod go but I will always remember my time here fondly and I will cherish the memories I and some amazing people made :)
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    2. DrowsyBore
      I surely will do the same, I love this community.
      N.V-M.P pro team
      Jan 20, 2019 at 4:38 PM
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  15. Kaiser Dayne XI
    Kaiser Dayne XI
    goodnight sweet prince, we will never forget you
  16. Army
    o7 you glorious bastards, it was nice playing with you boys a while ago
  17. Geo3
    Geo3 Cakemanfilms
    This is an official page of Cakemanfilms
  18. Geo3
    Geo3 Johnny Johnny
    Offical page of Nuclear Destroyer Johnny Johnnny
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  19. deadstop
    the enclave will never die
  20. Officer Snow
    Officer Snow
    I have learned more in the streets than in any classroom.