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  • Don't post NSFW content.
  • Don't harass/flame other users.
  • Don't ask for game keys, a majority of others are patiently waiting like you! Asking for keys won't improve you chances.
  • Don't post or link to leaks/copyrighted material.
  • Don't post spam..
  • Don't sign up to advertise. This includes "let's plays" or stream links. It's OK to post your content, but using the forums for your own personal gain is not OK.
  • Don't reply to spam posts, it floods the chatbox and only makes it harder for the moderation team.
  • The shoutbox is out of character, anything you say in regards to flaming another user will be treated as account to account, not character to character.
  • Don't talk about factions in shoutbox, F&A is important but all shoutbox faction talk creates unnecessary drama.
  • Posting "ban-me's" (asking to be banned) will be fulfilled with a perma ban, no appeals, no alts.
  • Abusing the reporting system by submitting false or spam reports will result in the reporter being punished.