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No Contract, Bounty or Job is too much for the Red Talons
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Apr 13, 2018
Factions & Alliances
Talon Company
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No Contract, Bounty or Job be too much for the Red Talons!

The Red Talons is a branch of the infamous Talon Company. This Independent Talon Branch "Red Talons" was sent to the Mojave after word of work popped up after the NCR made their presence known.

This Branch of Talon Company 'lives by the contract'. Although mostly well known for their work in DC, not all of Talon Company is 'evil' & this is the ultimate example of why.

While The Red Talons are plenty in numbers, they do still recruit those with enough skill and promise to become one of their own. This group has no further documented history and as such is almost alien to the Mojave Desert.

(The Red Talons of Talon Company is one of the few independent factions in NVMP. We take pride in what we do as mercenaries. Not many before us have ever been this successful, for more infomation hit [Timeless] up with a message on discord link can be found below to the Talon Company discord)

To get accepted you have to join the discord & be interviewed. Mostly to benefit you.

Red Talons Discord:


Respect your fellow mercs

All private Talon info is to remain private

Don't fire upon innocent people (without good reason)

No cheating or using exploits
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2018, Updated By: Timeless