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"Audax Gloriam"
English (US)
Created at:
Apr 25, 2017
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Brotherhood of Steel
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Brotherhood of Steel recruitment page

great nation's lust for power and the will to dominate others countries set mankind apart from moral values, damning our ability to reason and unfolding the events of the great war, irrevocably pushing us into the darkest chapter of our history. The bombs left their silos and fell against each other, in mere hours the known world was no more. The descent had nearly destroyed us, yet it was not the end, only another chapter of our tragic history. Among the ruins, the dark embrace of radioactive death and the FEV menace a new society was struggling to rise from the carcass of the old world. Within these survivors was born the Brotherhood of Steel, lead by Captain Roger Maxson, his men, and families.

Although the Wasteland is a new place the Brotherhood soon perceived that much of the old world have survived, much of mankind's irresponsibility and power-lust have remained, under a different guise, over different faces and even within themselves. It was the Ancient Order incident when a squad of Brotherhood soldiers, repeating Maxson`s rebelling example, departed without authorization from lost hills to salvage pre-war artifacts from West-Tek facility. All of them died. With this tragedy, the order lost valuable technology and, more importantly, their own people. That brought up the question of how and when would mankind be worthy of using technology? What could possibly overcome human greed and ambition?

The brotherhood understood the responsible use of pre-war technology would take its toll. So Maxson and his people, in the light of the Codex, adhered to a strict code of honor in order to prove themselves worthy of guardianship of the ancient artifacts. To prevent history from repeating itself the brotherhood embraced the role of the guardian and vowed to safe keep and eradicate all dangerous technologies until humanity was enlightened enough to understand the danger these devices represent. An effort to assure the rebuilding of a better civilization.

Decades of campaign proved however that history is irredeemable and condemned to repeat itself. The Brotherhood endured when Dr. Richard Gray, the master of the mutant army, played god with foul biotechnology known as the FEV (forced evolutionary virus) on the attempt to save mankind`s future while condemning it. The Brotherhood endured when the Enclave attempted to bend the wasteland to their own volition through the force of advanced technology and genocide.

Now Caesar`s Legion and the NCR repeat the errors of their predecessors. NCR meddling with Helios One, a technology beyond their understanding. The Legion abandoning their humanity in the vain attempt to restore a dead empire. They bring the world to the threshold of another great war. Should the Brotherhood fail on its zealous duty the fires of the nuclear death will rain again, biding the world to another holocaust. The Brotherhood of Steel, however scarred, will endure ... and in the aftermath, we won`t be the ones wielding sticks and stones.​