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Making America Great Again !
English (US)
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Jan 13, 2018
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The Enclave
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The Enclave are the remnants of the pre-war American government consisting of the descendants of the nation's brightest soldiers, scientists, businessmen, and politicians.In fear of the nuclear devastation, the last standing President of the United States and other important people of the U.S hid away from the mainland of the US onto the Poseidon Oil rig hiding there for many years watching over the mainland, unreachable by everyone.Shortly after defeat of The Master, The Enclave started scouting the mainland noticing the horribly mutated Super Mutants, Ghouls and the actions of Tribes and Raider Gangs.


The Enclave's goal is to restore America in its full pre-war glory. In an age full of poverty, greed, and violence where only the strongest can survive.The Enclave will restore peace and order to the American soil and reclaim what is righteously ours from all anarchistic raiders. Using the advanced technology like the Advanced Power Armor we will fight off the mutants, raiders and all those who are traitors to our great nation.
The basic Frontline infantry of the Enclave tasked with the various military efforts of the Enclave. These soldiers are heavily equipped and maintain a degree of professionalism lost upon the savages of the wasteland.

Intelligent, Frontline researchers and overseers of the Enclave's studies of the Wasteland's Flora, fauna, 'civilizations, and topography. These individuals are lightly equipped and are generally protected by soldiers in order to complete the high detail, high tech tasks of the Enclave.

To fully join The Enclave you will have to fill an application linked below

God Bless America God Bless The Enclave


Uphold true, pure American values, even when cleansing the mutants of the wastes. Obey your superiors, and yourself.
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