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Democracy is Non-Negotiable.
English (US)
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Nov 11, 2017
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Welcome to the New California Republic


The New California Republic is a Democratic group founded in the year 2186 by the inhabitants of Shady Sands, which was, at the time, a small walled-in settlement made by the remnants of Vault 15. They drafted their constitution in the year 2189, and came to have 5 major states under their flag : Shady Sands, Los Angeles, Maxson, The Hub, and Dayglow.

The NCR has a relatively high standard of living. Their citizens live safe and mostly happy lives. They have a spawling Military that for the most part is effective against all forces.

The Mojave wasteland has been a very long and hard fought battle for the NCR. They have control over the Hoover Dam, which gives them power to send to their territories back home, but the Legion sits across the Colorado, waiting to strike at any moment. The NCR would normally be able to handle these groups easily, but due to the long distance supplies travel from home locations to the Mojave, they are constantly under-supplied. Attrition is their greatest adversary, next to the local species, which are another battle completely.

However, the NCR is determined to hold the Dam and keep a presence, hoping to one day unify the Mojave under their banner. However, Caesar's Legion has the same goal, with less-noble intentions for unification. The NCR will protect the people of the Mojave to the best of their ability, and will not hesitate to help a stranger in need.

The NCR of course, is separated from Military and Politics. Thus of course; this faction is formed under the Army. Which in NV:MP, does not mean this faction is a Democracy. We are only to further the NCR's goals. Which is to protect Democracy, and spread the freedom of the NCR's banner. However, by our lore, we are simply the army moving it's way throughout the Mojave.


No racism or toxicity allowed
Respect is required, do not fight.
Orders are to be followed from High Command
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