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Steel Be With You
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Nov 25, 2016
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Brotherhood of Steel
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We stand for benign goals of preservation, primarily technological in nature, and the eradication of highly mutated species. We also concern ourselves with other Factions of the Mojave which might threaten our cause and existence. We, as a faction, aim to work together on various quests and ventures, helping each other in the pursuit of knowledge and in so doing, restore our chapter to it's former glory, to the time before HELIOS One.




Here is our chain of command. If you would like more information, read up on ranks here.

* Note that the staggering is intentional, such that Head Paladin has higher authority than Head Scribe, but Head Scribe would have higher authority than Senior Paladin.
**Try not to exercise power laterally. This is bad practice outside of RP events.

It is mandatory to remove your Power Armor to show you are Off-Duty and not representing the interests of the Brotherhood of Steel.
The Brotherhood is only looking for the best and brightest. We are increasingly selective of our member base. Our bare minimum requirements for enlistment are:
By the time you've completed these prerequisites, you should have already attracted our attention.

Once you're ready, join our discord channel and have a chat with us. If we like you, you will be enlisted as an Initiate. You will be given a series of Brotherhood quests to fulfill (in singleplayer) with varying difficulty and theme. While challenging, this rite of passage has been completed by all members and will secure your place among us.

  • You will be recruited as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and officially become a Paladin/Scribe/Knight.
  • You will be given a set of T-45d Power Armor and receive official Brotherhood Power Armor training along with it.
  • You will receive a key to the Brotherhood of Steel safe-house which is located far to the North East. This safe-house will provide us with a sanctuary and some very useful items listed below.
  • A Brotherhood scribe will speak to you informing you that you are entitled to use an ammo box within the bunker that will be restocked with energy weapon ammunition periodically.
  • You will be a member of one of the most onmipresent factions in Fallout canon.
Here are the 3 Brotherhood of Steel character builds.
* Note: All builds should get Purifier at Level 14.

Researchers, Archaeologists and Tinkerers by trade, the Scribe Build aims to compensate the Paladin's shortcomings. They specialize in speech and Infiltration-based skills.
  • Perception, Intelligence and Agility are paramount for Scribes. You will be healing, hacking, lockpicking, and sneaking where applicable. These should be ~8, depending on your preference.
  • Strength, Endurance and Luck are important, but should take a back seat to Intelligence. Set these to ~5.
  • Charisma is not important. Take all these points out and apply them elsewhere.
Recommended Tag Skills: Science, Lockpick, Speech/Barter
Recommended Traits: Good Natured, Four Eyes/Small Frame

Knights are both Infantrymen and mechanics. They are in charge of building and maintaining Power Armor, Weapons, Vehicles, Ammunition, and anything else needed by the Brotherhood.
  • Endurance is of utmost importance and should be set fairly high , ~8.
  • Strength, Perception, and Intelligence should be set around 7, depending on your preferences.
  • Agility and Luck should be set at 5 to make you a more versatile soldier.
  • Charisma is of no use to a Knight. Take all the points from here and place them elsewhere.
Recommended Tag Skills: Repair, Energy Weapons, Guns
Recommended Traits: Good Natured, Trigger Discipline(Snipers/Riflemen)/Fast Shot(Minigun/Gatling Laser)

The Brotherhood of Steel would be nothing without its Paladins. Strong, Educated, and Disciplined, these advanced warriors protect the Brotherhood and insure that its interests are upheld throughout the Wastes.
  • Strength, Perception and Endurance are of utmost importance and should be set fairly high between 7 and 9 each depending on your preferences.
  • Intelligence should also be set high but to a much lesser degree of importance than that of Strength, Perception and Endurance. 7 is a very solid number.
  • Charisma and Agility are of no use to a Paladin. You will never be sneaking, infiltrating, or using traditional weaponry-- save the Minigun. Take all the points from here and place them elsewhere; this is Scribe work.
Recommended Tag Skills: Energy Weapons, Explosives, Guns
Recommended Traits: Hot Blooded, Trigger Discipline(Snipers/Riflemen)/Fast Shot(Minigun/Gatling Laser)
* As you level up, Spec points into Agility to increase your reload speed

Codex Excerpts
  • Shield yourself from those not bound to you by steel, for they are the blind. Aid them when you can, but lose not sight of yourself.
  • Give way your suspicions to the wisdom of thine Elder. Where he shows trust, so shall you.
  • Through discourse, we gain the strength of our Brothers' minds.


  1. Treat your Brothers with respect.
  2. Avoid mixing OOC and RP.
  3. Do not succumb to forum drama.
  4. Do not break the Chain of Command unless your superiors are unavailable and unaccounted for.
  5. Do not pester your superiors about promotions. High ranks are obtained through quests and being active in the community.
  6. Do not post content that is nsfw/racist/homophobic/gory. Let's keep it classy.
  7. Don't swear too much in RP.
  8. Never speak on behalf of the Brotherhood unless you are of proper rank.
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