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Autocratic, Araditionalist, Imperialistic slaver society, and a Totalitarian Dictatorship
English (US)
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Sep 29, 2017
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Caesar's Legion
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Caesar's Legion is an autocratic, traditionalist, imperialistic slaver society and totalitarian dictatorship founded by Edward Sallow and Joshua Graham in the year 2247. The Legion is based on the ancient Roman Empire, and sponsors a well organized legion structure with a culturally insular fighting force that mainly operates east of the Colorado River and around the Grand Canyon in the former state of Arizona. The capital city of the legion is known as Flagstaff.

Lands under the Legion's protection enjoy stability and security that surpasses that of other realms outside of it's sphere of influence.

Traders that would require a guarded escort in NCR territory would be able to safely travel Legion routes alone without the fear of raiders. Citizens of the Legion enjoy water, electricity, an ample and stable food supply, and very little to no crime or corruption. They enjoy safe and productive lives with only one caveat:
Never disobey or disturb the Legion.

The Legion only asks once and an order must be carried out with all due haste, whether it be to resettle in a day's time or surrendering supplies to soldiers. Citizens of the Legion have little to no political freedom, rights, or say as to what happens in their community. Despite this, if one keeps their head down and stays quiet, Caesar may be seen as a benevolent and caring lord.

Citizens of the legion pay a tax of 25 Denarii.

The Legion is the main antagonist faction of Fallout: New Vegas and is designed specifically to be despised by any morally just player.

Core Territories
  • Fortification Hill
  • Legate's Camp
  • Cottonwood Cove
  • Cottonwood Overlook
  • Legion Raid Camp
  • Legion Safehouse

Annexed Territories
  • Nelson
  • Searchlight Airport
  • Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals
  • Deathclaw Promontory (Hell)
  • Makeshift Legion Camp
  • Tehatticup Mine
  • Lucky Jim's Mine
  • Lakelurk Hatching Cave


The Legion seeks to subjugate all of the Mojave and bring to heel the menace that is the New California Republic in order to create a new Rome for Caesar, regardless of consequence, sacrifice, or morality lost in this effort.

The Legion will serve as the main antagonist faction of NV:MP.

Applications for the Legion are carried out through our personal forums, and should never be filled out on a recruitment thread. Applications are designed to be semi-strenuous to filter the worthy from unworthy.

If you are uncomfortable answering any questions on our official application, please refer to Caesar () or Lanius () with your reasoning and we will try our best to work around your situation. No information in any applications will be disclosed outside of the Legion's Command.

Official Application Link: [PENDING]
Recruitment Thread: [PENDING]

The Legion does allow for negotiation with all prominent, well respected factions of NVMP and openly allows for the conversation of base holdings, territory disputes, and member infractions with a designated ambassador from the aforementioned factions.

If you believe you should be invited to our negotiations channel for any reason, contact a member of the Legion's High Command with your justification for such. Any prominent factions will be approached by the Legion itself.

Negotiation Rules

  1. Negotiations are to be conducted in the proper channels.
  2. Negotiations may not be leaked for any reason. If moderation is required, a gamemaster will be invited to the proper channel for review.
  3. Editing messages in negotiations beyond the correction of grammatical errors is strictly forbidden.
  4. Negotiations may be recorded or screenshotted only for the posterity of the gamemasters. Negotiations should not be taken outside of the proper channels!
  5. Only high ranking officers within an approved faction may participate in negotiations.
  6. A maximum of four officers from each faction may partake in negotiations as an ambassador to the Legion at any given time. Only four officers from the Legion may participate in negotiations. Changes to an officer roster must be approved by the Legion delegation during a topic of dispute.
  7. Spectators are not permitted for any reason.

The Legion is also willing to form alliances with other factions that are able to provide a mutually beneficial environment for the Legion as well as itself. The following requirements must be met for an alliance to be considered whatsoever:

Alliance Requirements

  1. All involved factions must be able to support themselves independently preceding the formation of the alliance.
  2. Factions within the alliance must agree to a static territorial agreement with the Legion.
  3. Factions within the alliance must be similar in nature to the Legion through lore, motive, or another reason that can be fit to our lore.
  4. Factions within the alliance must be solidly based within lore, or have custom lore that can justify their existence.
  5. Factions within the alliance must comply to agreed alliance guidelines.

Discord rules should be strictly adhered to by both members of the Legion and Outsiders. Violations will be penalized as follows;

First Offense: Warning is issued, strike placed against account.
Second Offense: Account is kicked, noted in logs.
Third Offense: Account is banned permanently with a chance of repeal.
Fourth Offense: Account is banned permanently with no chance of repeal.

Discord rules will always be listed and pinned under the #rules channel, and will be updated more frequently that the following list of rules:

Discord Rules

  1. Respect all members of the server.
  2. Respect the decisions of the moderators.
  3. Respect yourself, your faction, the Legion, and all other factions on NVMP.
  4. Avoid antagonizing individuals for petty reasons. If you have a genuine dispute, take it to DMs.
  5. Do not advertise other Discord servers for any reason. Links can be shared via DMs.
  6. Do not post, advertise, advocate, or otherwise share any form of NSFW or illegal content. Moderation will be severe in this case and can immediately result in a permanent ban and a report to the gamemasters or proper authorities if severe enough.
  7. Try to have a good time, be positive, and support other members of the server!

Behave immaturely, disrespect and disobedience to superiors can result in expulsion from the Legion's ranks and enslavement. Legionaries are not to show any form of emotional attachment towards one another.

Entering Caesar's Tent if not a Praetorian, Vulpes or member of the High Command is strictly forbidden unless called upon.

Entering the Legate's Camp is strictly forbidden if not a Prime Decanus or higher.

Legionaries found refusing to wear their appropriate gear, except in rare circumstances, will be deemed traitors to the Legion and killed on sight.

Legionaries disrespecting other factions outside of roleplay (this means anywhere on Discord!) will be expelled from the Legion immediately.

The Legionary Code can be found on the faction forum page for a full list of regulations.

All members of the Legion must wear the appropriate gear at all times befitting their rank, regardless of statistic analysis for opponents. Explosives are frowned upon for use by the Legion unless deemed just by both parties in combat.

The following list will detail all required equipment;

Recruit Legionary

Starting Gear:
10x Throwing Spear: 0014d2ac
1x Machete: 000ce569
10mm Pistol: 0000434f

Legion Recruit Armor: 000ee47c
Legion Recruit Helmet: 000ee485
Prime Legionary

Starting Gear:
Hunting Shotgun: 0011a8b9
Fire Axe: 0011a8b9

Prime Armor: 000ee47d
Prime Helmet: 000ee487

Veteran Legionaries

Starting Gear:
10mm SMG: 00004321
Chainsaw 0015fe44

Veteran Armour - 000ee47e
Veteran Helmet - 000ee489

Recruit Decanus

Starting Gear:
10mm SMG: 00004321
Machete: 000ce569
10X Throwing Spear: 0014d2ac

Recruit Decanus Helmet: 000ee486
Recruit Armor: 000ee47c

Prime Decanus

Starting Gear:
10X Throwing Spear: 0014d2ac
Machete: 000ce569
Caravan Shotgun: 000cd53a

Prime Armor: 000ee47d
Prime Decanus Helmet: 000ee488

Veteran Decanus

Starting Gear:
10mm SMG: 00004321
Machete: 000ce569
Veteran Armor: 000ee47e
Veteran Decanus Helmet: 000ee48a

Starting Gear:
Hunting rifle: 00004333
Machete: 000ce569
10X Throwing Spear: 0014d2ac
Explorer Armour: 000ee47b
Explorer Hood: 000ee482


Starting Gear:
Hunting rifle: 00004333
Machete: 000ce569
Explorer Armour: 000ee47b


Starting Gear:
10mm SMG: 00004321
Machete: 000ce569
Vexilarrius Armor: 000ee47f
Vexilarrius Helmet: 000ee484


Starting Gear:
Ballistic Fist: 0015ba03
Praetorian Armor: 000ee480
Sunglasses: 0005c99f


Starting Gear:
Thermic Lance: 0015c881
Centurion Armour: 000ee481
Centurion FaceMask (DamWar): 0013f3ae
Centurion Helmet: 000ee483


Starting Gear:
Standard rank armor.​


Starting Gear:
Chainsaw: 0015fe44
Veteran Armour: 000ee47e
Veteran Helmet: 000ee489

Aurelius of Phoenix

Starting Gear:
Hunting rifle: 00004333
Machete Gladius: 0015430b

Centurion Armour: 000ee481
Centurion Helmet: 000ee483

Starting Gear:
Ripper: 00004349
Explorer Armour - 000ee47b
Vexilarrius Helmet - 000ee484
Dapper Gambler Suit: 0010e1df
Dapper Gambler Hat: 0010ea7f

Legate Lanius

Starting Gear:
Blade of the East: 00143fba
Legate's Armor - 001649dd
Legate's Helmet - 0013e25a

[COLOR=#ff0000][U]Caesar [/U]

Starting Gear:
Displacer Glove:[B] [COLOR=#99ffff]00155e66[/COLOR][/B]​

Caesar's Armor: [COLOR=#99ffff]0013bf53[/COLOR]


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