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Nothing will ever break up our home. We will create a new future-without the mistakes of the past.
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Nov 25, 2016
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The New California Republic


In the 2160's, the survivors of Vault 15 in Northern California began the construction of the town of Shady Sands. Shady Sands was based off of the type of democracy which was a role of the Pre-War United States. In 2181, the town renamed itself to the New California Republic. With diplomacy fueling constant growth, The New California Republic stands tall today as one of the only superpowers of the wasteland (Along with the Legion). Notable areas include what is left of Pre-War San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the entirety of the former United States State: California. We are a ever-growing and expanding society which hopes to unite America under one Banner. The banner, of the New California Republic!

For more detailed information on us Read the NCR Wiki:


Our mission here in the Mojave Wasteland is to spread the principles of Democracy and the ideas which built the Pre-War America we know and love today. These principles are the foundation of the true democracy this wasteland needs to save itself. Some other reasons we are here include expanding the NCR Territory, and protecting the people of the Mojave, in ideals of creating a better standard of living for the citizens of The New California Republic, in the Mojave, and back home. We also are planning to peacefully receive control the New Vegas strip from its owner, House views us highly due to the amount of business we do with him, most notably for the upkeep of the Monorail and Camp McCarran, and we hope to hold ongoing negotiations with them.


If you would wish to become a high-ranking member within the NCR, Please follow these guidelines, which are enforced by the nation as a whole.

  1. Do not at any time murder a citizen of the NCR, And/or a Non-hostile faction.

  2. Do not pledge your allegiance to a hostile faction of the NCR.

  3. All Votes must be help in Public. (No secret Votes)

  4. Always try to act formal when presented in a formal situation, Example: A meeting, training or mission.

  5. NEVER harm a POW, and/or refugee.

  6. You must NOT be in another faction while joining the NCR unless given explicit permission


The brotherhood of steel, Mr House and his subfactions

Any faction not on allies or targeted

Caesar's Legion

To become a alliance please PM Me on the website, Or join the NCR Discord :


The NCR has a militaristic and diplomatic hierarchy which although not complicated is filled with tradition in history.

In the army, you will start out with a choice of 4 branches. Patrol, Assault, or Recon, Special.

  • The Patrol Branch starts off as you being a guard at one of our minor outlying bases, then moving into guarding larger bases like Gulf or McCarran, at this point, you can be transferred to The NCR military police
  • The Assault Branch: In this Branch, you will start out as a private, and a NCR Trooper. You will do small missions until you're promoted, the Higher your holding rank, the more important missions you will be sent on. In the Assault Branch, you have the main battle force, then you have artillery. (From Hoover Dam, and Helios one Weapon System)
  • In the Recon Branch, you go from Recon-in training, then NCR sniper. Then, if lucky enough, you go to the first recon unit.

  • The diplomats work in a way where you start off as a citizen, after joining the Diplomatic Corp., you go up to diplomat-in-training > diplomat > Veteran diplomat Then eventually Chief Diplomat.
  • In the Special Forces, You have the 1st Recon, and the Rangers, or maybe even the Presidential Guard(Elite Veteran Rangers). You can only become these if you meet the requirements, and complete the ranger test.


The Rangers were founded by Seth after Tandi and Aradesh created the New California Republic and eventually, by 2241, became one of the most powerful military forces in the wasteland. Forces on NCR territory were particularly concerned with the problem of slavery and actively fought it by any means necessary. In early years, the burgeoning republic was faced by a large volume of threats - from slavers and raider tribes, to roaming gangs and to the Wasteland itself. The Rangers were instrumental in protecting the frontiers, using their expertise to tip the balance in favor of the Republic when numbers and resources may not have been on their side.

What is it to be a ranger?

The New California Republic Rangers are volunteer elite special forces renowned as much for their shrewd reconnaissance capabilities as their bravery and combat prowess. - An introduction to the New California Republic, 2256

Ever wanted to protect democracy and your loved ones from the Legion tyrants? Do you think your skills are beyond normal troopers? Do you have the guts to become a ranger?

Then you're lucky! Apply to become a NCR ranger, the best the NCR has to offer to protect civilization in these barren lands of the Mojave Desert!

1st Recon/Recon

None shall see you, you are to get the mission done without flaw and to do it unseen.


You are the main force of the ncr charged with bringing hell to the legion at the front lines

Citizens/diplomatic corp

The citizens and diplomats of the ncr.


Joining the NCR is rather easy, and can be rewarding if you stay loyal to the NCR. If you are just interested in being a citizen for the NCR, or Military Say what you want to be in the Application. If you just want to be a diplomat for the NCR, Sign up as a Citizen, then contact me informing us that you would like to conduct diplomacy for the NCR.

We are open to new members as it increases our population and hold in the Mojave Wasteland.


Desired Job:

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Why would you like to join?:

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