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Render Unto Caesar
Created at:
Nov 25, 2016
Factions & Alliances
Caesar's Legion
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Founded in 2247 by the great Caesar, Caesar's Legion is an autocratic, ultra-reactionary, totalitarian slaver society.

The Legionaries are a well organized, culturally insular fighting force that mainly operate east of the Mojave Wasteland and across the Colorado River, alongside the Grand Canyon, in the former state of Arizona.

FOR THE MULTIPLAYER, IT'S ADVISED YOU HAVE A CLEAN INSTALLATION OF NEW VEGAS, NO MODS. When the mod releases, it will most likely be stable for you, but be sure to install NVSE and NVSE Anti crash



To join Caesar's Legion, you will begin as a captured, and will be put in tournaments with other captured looking to be enlisted. Remember, the legion is not a second-choice group, we are not a faction you can just drop in and drop out of, the legion requires pure loyalty, If you plan to join us simply because you didn't know who to join, that is not good enough. You must join us in regards of actually favouring the legion. If you are to be TRUE to Caesar. You will not be allowed to join other factions. If caught in another faction, you will be removed without warning.

You will fight to earn a place in the legion faction. Once you become a recruit legionary, you will be given or have to get yourself the recruit armour. Remember, you have not earned the right to be called a Slave yet, you become captured, win tournaments, then become a recruit, if you are punished, and enslaved, then you are a slave.


MICROPHONES: This will aid greatly in communication across the wastes. And ensure The legion can operate at it's numerous base' of operations while in contact with The command.

Once you are in the group on NVMP please click the wheel icon on our group page, click membership settings and Claim Ribbon to be classed as an official member in the multiplayer.


ALSO OUR MILITARY RANKS ARE STRICTLY MALE ONLY, any females that wish to join will automatically be Captured, once deemed worthy to work, they will be Enslaved, Male members unfit to join our ranks will also be captured ( captured that fail the selection tournaments ) - ( LORE REASONS, DO NOT take it personally, to any females viewing the group, it does not determine our real life persona.)

Enslaved may have certain roles as a Slave, whether it's transporting loot in the camps to high ranking officers in a different part of the same camp, bringing food for officers. And also there will be roles as Priestesses and Healers, slaves will have the task of producing healing powder, and cooking food, and holding masses every Sunday if trained to be a priestess, to worship Mars.



Lands under Caesar's protection enjoy stability and security far greater than lands outside its sphere of influence. Traders that have to cross NCR's territories with a guard contingent can safely travel on Legion trade routes alone, without fear of being raided.
People who live in Legion towns enjoy a stable, consistent flow of electricity and water, a steady and ample food supply, and very low crime and corruption levels. They enjoy safe and productive lives with one caveat: never disobey or disturb the Legion. Caesar's men only ask once and the order has to be carried out without question, even if it means resettling fifty miles away at a moment's notice. This generally means that Legion subjects have little, if any, political freedom, rights, or say in what happens to their communities. However, if one keeps quiet, goes about their business and fulfills the rare request the Legion has, then Caesar is a peaceful and caring lord. Many people don't consider this a problem, as even before Caesar's rise, they had little say in the chaotic wastes.

Anyone who wishes not to serve in the legion army, and females can live under the rule of the legion as citizens, however males may be conscripted at any time into the legion military when necessary. And if more slaves are needed for medical roles occasionally some females may come under selection.

Traders and Citizens are expected to pay a tax of 25 Denarius coins to the legion, an officer or legionary will be sent to collect tax from citizens once per week.

Legion Towns in NVMP : Nipton

Citizenship Application

Citizen Roles:

Prefect: Mayoral role of the town, will report to Aurelius of Phoenix at Cottonwood cove on behalf of town progression, new applicants and also for concerns regarding looters or attackers, re-occurring hostile presences of the individuals in question will also be reported to Aurelius Of Phoenix for the legion to look into. The Prefect will receive 4% of the Stockbrokers earnings from Merchants, 74% of Niptons earnings through the Stockbroker will go towards the legion. As well as the tax taken from citizens.

Administrator - Assists the Prefect in the running of the town, organises town events such as festivals and theatrical displays performed by citizens and Religious Ceremonies.

Stockbroker: Incharge of the management and storing of currency, the Nipton currency bank and exchange will be located in the town hall on the mayoral floor, in one of the vacant offices.

Arms Dealer: Incharge of the management and storing, and purchase of weaponry and civilian armor/apparel , They will be located on the first floor of the Nipton town hall. This role cooperates with the Stockbroker, 20% of all funding made by the Arms Dealer must go to the Stockbroker.

Librarian - A Library will be set up on the first floor of the Nipton town hall. They will control the archives, and information/intel storage and handling for the town. This role cooperates with the Stockbroker role, Citizens may purchase books and magazines by giving the funds to the librarian which the librarian gives 20% of Denarius/Caps made to the Stockbroker.

Administrative Secretary - Nipton Post Office: Handles the approval of Application forms of those that apply for Legion Citizenship. Cooperates with the administrator and prefect in the updating of applicants and population control/size.

Trader - Nipton Post Office , The Nipton post office will be the trading point of the town, traders may set up shop outside the post office and keep goods stored inside if they need to.

Prospector - Prospectors will head out and scavenge for Nipton. Prospectors are to give 25% of scavenged currency to the Stockbroker

Culinary Merchant - Nipton Post Office, Culinary Merchant are in control of the management, and storing of food and water brought to the town, grown in the town, traded into the town, they are also responsible for the sales of food and water, they will be located behind the desk in the nipton post office alongside the secretary. This role cooperates with the Stockbroker and 20% of Denarius/Caps made by the Merchant must go to the stockbroker.

High Priestess - Citizen Priestess of the town, this role differs from the slave role of Priestess, slaves are for the military of the legion only. This is a seperate citizen role, regular mass will be held every Sunday in the Nipton town hall by the priestess.

Healer - Citizen role, this differs from the slave role of Healer, this is the citizen variant of medical personnel, they will set up a clinic in one of the empty trailers in Nipton and keep their stores in the Nipton post office.



( RECRUIT LEGIONARY GET 50 NCR DOG TAGS Rank to > PRIME LEGIONARY GET 100 DOG TAGS rank to > VETERAN LEGIONARY GET 200 DOG TAGS > Rank to Decanus) , or be promoted command of a Centurion and above,
decanus can recommend members for promotion but a Centurion or above must approve of it

Recruit Legionary: External Roles - Explorer , Cursor, Slavemaster

Veteran Legionary External Roles: Vexilarrius, Instructor, Blacksmith

After you pass Veteran, you will be selected to head a squad of recruit, prime, or veteran, If you are assigned to a squad of recruit, you are a Recruit Decanus, etc.

Instructors will be selected from Veteran legionaries, and will have the ability to train other veterans and below, apart from decanus ranks.

External Ranks will still count towards dogtags, they will be associated with the corresponding rank, E.G. if a explorer got 20 dogtags they become a prime legionary and May keep their role if they wish to until they reach Veteran.



We will stop accepting join requests when the mod releases, after that people will have to find us in game, on the FreeRoam server and follow the captured process as stated in this description. When they pass the tournaments they get accepted into the group on NVMP

To progress from decanus, overtime, you may be selected to become a centurion, or praetorian. All decanus ranks are equal to each other, Recruit Decanus means that decanus leads a squad of 9 Recruit Legionaries, A Prime Decanus leads a squad of 9 Prime Legionaries, and a Veteran Decanus leads squads of Veteran Legionaries

So yes, as a decanus, it depends on how much experience you gain, skirmishes you succeed in, and overall leadership ability will all be gathered overtime, which will determine whether your worthy of progressing onto the next two/final ranks you can make it to from.


Usually organised by Vulpes, Authorised by Caesar, random players may be selected for assassination, or players with known crimes against us, we will send out assassin hit squads to hunt for this person and bring back their head. This probably won't come into affect until we have at least most of the ranks filled, and 50+ active members, 30+ active at minimum



Behave Immaturely, disrespect and disobey superiors can lead to instant enslavement if not already one, with no exceptions,
as a slave you'll only be able to provide healing supplies to wounded legionaries in battle, and regularly be beaten by other legionaries. Depending on what your slave role is.

The use of emoticons and Chat faces (e.g :) :D :p XD ) will also be forbidden. Legionaries are not supposed to show emotional detachment towards one another as it subtracts the loyalty for Caesar.

Entering Caesar's tent if not A Praetorian, Vulpes, Lucius or Legate is forbidden, will lead to instant enslavement if you enter, this also applies for the War tent. You are only allowed to enter to rush to Caesar or the Legate's aid if there are enemies inside the tents.

A centurion and Aurelius must pass word to a praetorian if he wishes to enter Caesar's tent with news. And Lucius or Caesar will approve. If neither are present, you do not need to enter.

Cottonwood cove HQ OFFICE and Stores, Only Centurions, Decanus and Above will access, this will be the Aurelius office. Only the selected Aurelius for my faction will be allowed to enter and ranks alike his.

Also, Surrendering will lead to exile. Legionaries never surrender. If you are captured, you are to kill your avatar, and respawn. Or Leave and rejoin the server if you cannot do such. Do not be a silus! The command to suicide is /die


GOALS: Our goal is clear, the annexation of the Mojave, We will secure the dam, and take Vegas for ourselves. You will Render Unto Caesar. We will primarily be an antagonists to all other factions, great khans will only be our friends up until the point we take the dam and Vegas for the server, the great khans for that server will be annexed by us once our objective has been completed. If they do not comply, they will be marked for extermination.

Main Headquarters : Fortification Hill, Legate's Camp, Cottonwood Cove, Legion Raid Camp, and Nelson

Many of our main headquarters will also be in the middle of hot-spots such as Nelson, and the Legion raid camp will be marked as possible warzones, where we will likely have to rush to the defence of.


Objective Headquarters: Hoover Dam ( Hoover dam will mostly serve as a warzone for us, if we take it over, the next move is Vegas, where I, Caesar, will then move from fortification hill and overlord the strip for the server), These areas must be conquered/claimed when all hostile forces holding these locations have been taken care of. The Vegas families must also welcome our presence, so keep on good terms with the vegas families, or we'll be forced to annex them, much to my distaste. It's important to have good relations on the strip when I arrive.

Camp Forlon Hope: Within the boundaries of the Vanilla quest Line, this strategic NCR camp can be taken for the legion. It will serve as one of many possible headquarters we'll have to claim each time ingame when the cell resets. The Land Between Nelson and Forlon Hope will mostly be a warzone location.

Ranger Stations: There are several ranger stations on the Mojave, each can be wiped out and held by the legion if chosen to do so, once the cell resets, we'll need to repeat this should you recieve the order to take down a ranger station to be, the legion will particularly be targeting the stations towards our side of the map near our camps.


Legionaries should work on their Strength, and perception, endurance and agility traits while a member of this faction. Skills will be picked up in faction trainings, and overtime through your experience in the wasteland.


Recruit legionary

Starting Weapons:
10X Throwing Spear: 0014d2ac
Machete: 000ce569
10mm Pistol: 0000434f

Legion Recruit Armour - 000ee47c
Legion Recruit Helmet - 000ee485

Prime legionaries

Starting Weapons:
Hunting shotgun: 0011a8b9
Fire Axe: 0011a8b9
44 Magnum Revolver 00008f215

Prime Armour - 000ee47d
Prime Helmet - 000ee487

Veteran Legionaries

Starting Weapons:
12.7mm SMG: 001429d1
Chainsaw 0015fe44
Machete: 000ce569

Veteran Armour - 000ee47e
Veteran Helmet - 000ee489

Recruit Decanus

Recruit Decanus Helmet - 000ee486 with Recruit Armour

Starting Weapons:
12.7mm SMG: 001429d1
Machete: 000ce569
10X Throwing Spear: 0014d2ac

Prime Decanus

Prime Decanus Helmet - 000ee488 With Prime Armour

Starting Weapons:
10X Throwing Spear: 0014d2ac
Machete: 000ce569
Caravan Shotgun: 000cd53a

Veteran Decanus

Veteran Decanus Helmet - 000ee48a With Veteran Armour

Starting Weapons:
12.7mm SMG: 001429d1
12.7mm Pistol: 0008f213
Machete: 000ce569


Starting Weapons:
Hunting rifle: 00004333
Machete: 000ce569
10X Throwing Spear: 0014d2ac

Explorer Armour - 000ee47b
Explorer Helmet - 000ee482


Starting Weapons:
Hunting rifle: 00004333
Machete: 000ce569

Explorer Armour - 000ee47b


Starting Weapons:
12.7mm SMG: 001429d1
Machete: 000ce569

Vexilarrius Armor - 000ee47f
Vexilarrius Helmet - 000ee484


Starting Weapons:
Ballistic Fist: 0015ba03

Praetorian Armor - 000ee480
Sunglasses - 0005c99f


Starting Weapons:

Thermic Lance: 0015c881

Centurion Armour - 000ee481
Centurion FaceMask (DamWar): 0013f3ae
Centurion Helmet - 000ee483

Frumentarri ( Verbally commanded by Vulpes/Planned )

(Whatever rank you are in the legion armor/headware)


Starting Weapons:
12.7mm SMG: 001429d1
Machete: 000ce569

Veteran Armour - 000ee47e
Sunglasses - 0005c99f

Blacksmith =

Starting Weapons:
Chainsaw: 0015fe44

Veteran Armour - 000ee47e
Veteran Helmet - 000ee489

Aurelius of Phoenix

Starting Weapons:
Hunting rifle: 00004333
Machete Gladius: 0015430b

Centurion Armour - 000ee481
Centurion Helmet - 000ee483


Starting Weapons:
Ripper: 00004349

Explorer Armour - 000ee47b
Vexilarrius Helmet - 000ee484
Dapper Gambler Suit/hat 0010e1df, 0010ea7f


Starting Weapons:
Ballistic Fist: 0015ba03

Praetorian Armor - 000ee480


Starting Weapons:
Blade of the East: 00143fba

Legate's Armor - 001649dd
Legate's Helmet - 0013e25a


Displacer Glove: 00155e66
Caesar's Armor: 0013bf53

Enslaved (Healing Powder only, and slave backpack [slave backpack may need to be enabled by jak] )

Slave outfit - 001370d6
Slave Scarf - 001370d7 (Possibly)
Slave Backpack - 00127c6a (Currently marked unplayable, either Jak enables it or force equip it in singleplayer with player.equipitem 00127c6a

Healing Supplies: Healing Powder, Doctor bags and Hydra, also water/sleeping and items of food will be used for healing purposes, The Legion does not use chems or alcohol, if you want to cure your radiation, then see an NPC doctor.


As you are aware, the legion mostly speak language phrases.

Ave = Hello

Vale = Goodbye

Amicus = Brother/Friend

True to Caesar = Loyal to Caesar

( These phrases can be said to outsiders/enslaved )
Watch yourself profligate

Hold your tongue wastrel

Degenerates like you belong on a cross

Once a legionary, you use legion phrases to say hello, goodbye.. You do not speak to outsiders unless they are looking to join. If you are spoken to by players that aren't looking to capture themself for the legion, Say Ave, True to Caesar or True to Caesar and carry on with your group business. Offduty, you will be allowed to talk normally, I do not want to subtract you from your personal friendships.

You must say True to Caesar when in Caesar's Presence, once , and stand at attention as you say it.

With the greetings, You can mix certain greetings up as i've shown above, e.g.

Ave, True to Caesar

Ave amicus, True to Caesar ( Ave amicus is used to a friend or member of the legion, do not say Ave Amicus to an outsider)

All ranks Are to be addressed by their Rank then their Username. E.G. Recruit Nooblet123

High Ranks are to be addressed as their Rank name only

Named legion HRs, such as Vulpes, Lucius are addressed by their character name. Lanius is addressed as Legatus


Lucius is Head of the praetorian guard, Praetorian are selected from skilled Decanus by Caesar, that might have lacked in leadership and deemed unworthy of Centurion. We will be having a default of 12 guards before every other entree will have to challenge a guard to take his place, You can speak to Lucius for further details when the time comes.

6 Praetorian will be assigned to Caesar, 6 will be assigned to the legate. Praetorian must have super sharp reaction timing, they must always have their fists at the ready when guarding, and must be able to react to a weapon being equipped before the equipping animation finishes, they must be able to flatten the enemy with their first strike. When Caesar or the legate comes under fire, Praetorian must assemble around the front and side quickly and shield Caesar/Legate and usher Caesar/Legate into cover/nearby safe place so the hostiles can be combated. The Legate may wish to face the enemy in which the Praetorian must advance with the legate while still using themselves to shield his front. The Praetorian must be fast to assemble into position to shield Caesar, and take all the punishment to keep Caesar alive.



The Legion follows the Cult of Mars, created by Caesar in 2250 after claiming he was the Son of Mars. Members of the Legion believe that the war god cleansed the Earth with fire so that Caesar could conquer the Earth and save it from chaos.

Every Sunday, the legion shall have regular masses held by a Priestess, either on the discord, or in game at one of the camps, eventually each major camp will have it's own priestess.

If a Priestess is unavailable for the discord sermons, a Highcom may begin a mass with the video version/text to speech version of the mass to play in the channel.




[email protected]




If you are interested in Enlisting, and meet the requirements, or just have any questions/comments please E-mail us at [email protected]



All who enter will be automatically put in the outsiders channel, and will be greeted by TheDiscordSlave bot

1. LEGION MEMBERS MUTING OUR DISCORD IS NOT ALLOWED You will need to be alerted when given direct orders. Do not get yourself enslaved for ignorance.

2. Memes are to be posted in the #caesarsmemegion text channel only

3. You are not allowed to discuss intel/activities in the #outsiders or the #caesarsmemegion channel.

4. Greet any outsider until they can be processed by a Leader, We want the outsider to be welcomed. Individuals not interested in joining the legion are welcome to socialize in allowed channels

5. Roleplay in the Roleplay channel only, talking in character is fine, however.

6. If you are away, set your discord to reflect that, orange light for away, green light for available, do not get yourself kicked for ignoring superiors. If you have a green light and it doesn't show you are playing a game, etc. we will assume you are available.

7. Screenshotting/Recording our discord chats is a bannable offense! You are True to Caesar!

8. Do not post any NSFW content.

9: If you join the discord BE RESPECTFUL, Anyone postings rude,hateful or inappropriate comments Can/Will be removed.

10: You may join other faction DISCORDS But not groups. You are Legion, Keep in mind you are being monitored.(edited)

Money raised will go into advertising the legion


The Leaders - Caesar, Lanius, Lucius, Vulpes and Aurelius will generally be moderating and running the group discord/page, several centurions have their own offgame duties

Legate Lanius - Before he became Legate, he was managing our Database, and still continues this task voluntarily.
Databasing ( Keeping track of who is a member, and who is not )

Centurion Caelius, TheBurnedMan, Fullylaced, Jollyjacob12345, Sonicthehedgehog1812 and Johiluas - Moderation
( Checking conversations, reporting anything suspicious to the leaders, making sure members are not in another faction, general moderation of the comms/page)

Centurion Strelok and Mega - Recruitment (They are the recruitment heads of the legion and in-game will have a big role processing new members from captured that win tournaments also, they will also assist Alpaca in updating the member database.)

Centurion RodacOwen - Internal Affairs: Resolving conflicts between lower ranking officers and
legionaries. in-game and offgame Maintaining order offgame if any member of this faction is conducting themselves poorly on NVMP.

Decanus ranks and all legionary are advised to report to a centurion or above anything suspicious they come across in the chats, bad behaviour, in-game behaviour, etc


GROUP PAGE RULES: DISCUSSING INTEL IS FORBIDDEN HERE, Members must message CO's through discord, intel will be shared in a private officer channel by the command
Last Updated: Nov 27, 2016, Updated By: Caesar