Pre-download Notice

You are about to download the NV:MP launcher installer. This launcher will patch our multiplayer modification into your Fallout: New Vegas folder, and keep you updated to the latest revision when we do updates.

Please read the software license included with the installer before proceeding with installation. The installer, launcher and game files are not developed or associated by Bethesda Softworks or Obsidian Entertainment.

Please do not redistribute these files on other websites. If you are referencing this download, you must link this page or the installer URL.

About the tests

You are only downloading the client, right now the NV:MP team host the official servers which are used to connect you with other players. If a server is online, it will appear in the server list within the launcher. We have the right to open and close the server, and to reset character data when we redeem necessary.

You will crash.

NV:MP is experimental, and we're doing our best to squash as many bugs as we can. If NV:MP crashes, a bug reporter may appear containing information about your PC and a screenshot of the game. It is totally optional to send this to us, but we'd really appreciate it if you do. All bug reports are confidential and only shared within the development team.

We have a character saving system, so if you do crash you should rejoin back where you were with all your gear.

If you need in-game help, /gms will list online gamemasters who can teleport you away from areas. If you are stuck at any point, use /goodsprings to teleport to the home we all know.

Please play fair. Combat logging and combat avoiding (pausing the game) is punishable, and people can tell when you do so as it appears above your nametag. We do kick and sometimes ban people for this.

"Official" Server Rules

	- Don't use third party hacks/software (you may find and use exploits as long as you bring the specifications of them to game masters/developers,
		hacks are not part of this exclusion). 
	- Don't harass others in chat, or post hateful messages. 
	- Don't spam the chat, or produce client lag. 

Gamemaster's are highlighted by their chat name's being neon green and prefixed with "Gamemaster". 
We aren't seeking any new GMs, please don't ask.

Your forum account is directly linked to your in-game account. 
	- "kick" will remove you from the game and allow you to rejoin. 
	- "ban" will exclude you from the game for a specified amount of minutes (and ban your forum account with 30 minutes minimum). 
	- "perma-ban" will exclude you from the game indefinitely (and ban your forum account indefinitely).


Requirements before installation: 
	- .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher ( 
	- OS: Either Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 
	- An internet connection during installation and usage of the launcher 
	- A valid player forum account to log into the launcher 
	- A valid Steam account with Fallout: New Vegas purchased and installed

Make sure your Fallout: New Vegas resolution is close to your native monitor size, or in windowed mode. Errors about initialising a texture will appear if this is the case.

Make sure you don't have any DirectX (ENB) mods installed. These break NV:MP and cause an instant crash.

Make sure you have DirectX 9 redistributable installed, and Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2015 installed (check your Fallout folder for Redist/ and RedistMP/ for installation packages.

Download Installer (1.31MB)